Fire prevention measures for steel structure factories

In recent years, my country’s industry has developed very rapidly. The consumption scope of the T industry has expanded from time to time. Dingye buildings have gradually increased. The design of the steel structure plant has opened up a new direction for industrial buildings. The high strength and good advantage of steel have the characteristics of steel structure. The steel structure has the characteristics of light weight, good shock resistance, and large bearing capacity. At the same time, the steel structure can be processed in the field, the construction cycle is short, and the data is recyclable. Therefore, both domestic and foreign steel structure buildings have been commonly used.

But the steel structure has a fatal weakness: poor fire resistance. In order to enable the steel structure to adhere to the strength and rigidity in the fire in the fire, and ensure that people’s life and wealth are safe, a variety of fire protection measures are adopted in the practice engineering. Different from the principle of fire prevention, fire prevention measures are divided into heat resistance and water cooling method. The heat resistance method can be divided into spraying method and packaging method (hollow packaging method and solid package sealing method). The water cooling method has water cooling method and flushing cooling method. This article will be introduced in detail various fire prevention measures.

The steel constructor plant is a building with steel as the main load -bearing skeleton. The steel structure plant adopts a single -span and multi -span method, with single -layer, multi -layer, and high -rise structures. The roofs of most steel constructor plants are used in color steel plates. Common color steel plates include single -layer color steel plates and chip -colored steel plates. Core colored steel plates are used between two layers of color steel plates with rock wool and polystyrene as core materials. Color steel board. The steel constructor has obvious advantages: first, the structure of steel data is high, suitable bearing and large span structures; second, the steel structure construction is relatively simple, the construction cost of frugal saves, and shortening the construction cycle; the third is that the steel structure system is in line with the green environmental protection concept , Has a strong circular application value.

Measures to enhance the fire design of the steel structure plant:

There are many types of fire -resistant coating on the market, and the fire resistance performance is not the same. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the functions of various fireproof coatings, control its performance, and correctly select the type of fire coating according to the normal use conditions and fire environment conditions of the substrate coating. Thin, ultra -thin or thick fireproof coating cannot be used to apply all the steel structures. To fulfill the flame retardant effect of fireproof coatings, it is necessary to comprehensively think that the fire risk, environmental conditions, consumer processes and maintenance value of the fire of the building must be comprehensively considered.

Improve the fire safety operation mechanism: The key to the fire function of the steel structure plant is also the later management of the fire protection function. Understand the fire protection obligations of various departments, and adopt an effective reward and punishment mechanism to regulate the enthusiasm and invention of work fire safety work; build a top -down safety fire prevention committee, improve relevant guidance departments and auxiliary departments, and optimize fire protection work from time to time Guidance methods, implement the concept of \”hidden dangers are in bright fire, prevents better than disaster relief\” What-IS-the-Difference-Between-I-Beam-AD-BEAM , Harmony and good fire safety inspections of various departments; for key parts in the steel structure plant, we must arrange firefighters with rich experience, excellent quality, and pure operation to enhance fire inspection work, so as to build a complete fire management organization system. Provide a reliable guarantee for the safe consumption of the enterprise.

There are many reasons for the hidden fire hazards of the steel structure plant, but one of the important reasons is that the mind is not in place, the fire protection work is ignored, and the illegal building is lucky. The fire department shall generally conduct fire propaganda and organizational design in newspapers, broadcasting, and leaflets to stop fire technology standards and laws and regulations on steel structure construction units to improve the professional theoretical and illegal understanding of the design and construction personnel.


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