Chongqing Steel Structure Manufacturer: Steel Structure Factory Cooling and ventilation method

The steel structure plant cools down

The steel structure plant roof is used for polyurethane roof insulation board. The clean -type high -end panel reduces the ash accumulation of the roof, keeps the building roof of the building permanent, and increases the bearing capacity of the roof panel. It has the characteristics of large span, fast drainage, and convenient installation. , Ensure that fast installation, dense gas, and fine seepage of hair are effective.

The polyurethane insulation board used on the roof is commonly used for 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, and density of 40kg/m3. The installation can generally reduce the indoor temperature by 8 ten-installation-points-of-Frame-Steel-Structure -12 ° C. The construction process is convenient and fast, with a lifetime of up to 35 years.

Steel structure plant air -transparent cooling

Because some machines in the steel structure plant generate heat and water vapor, if these heat and water vapor are not timely if not timely Exclusion will accumulate in the plant, so that the temperature of the steel structure plant will increase the environment of the steel structure plant. The solution to these topics is to ensure the fairness of the plant and install an appropriate air transplantation system. The fair air exhaust system installation will significantly improve the air environment of the steel structure plant, and reduce the temperature of the steel structure plant.

Installing the roof no dynamic airplane

Unpowerous airplane is an air transparent device that depends on the principles of streaming. When the external air environment is different, air activity will occur, thereby excluding indoor exhaust gas and heat. Its strength is no additional electricity, which is more environmentally friendly. However, the environment is strong and cannot be forced to discharge. The products mainly include turbine -transmitting fans, strip -shaped airplane (lighting band air), roof spine transmittance, and so on.

Installed the roof forced exhaust fan

Power fan is a type of air transparent device driven by electricity. Its exhaust effect is good and can adapt to any environment of any environment.


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