How much is the steel structure plant?Choose the steel, Qi Xin knows better

Generally, What-IS-Corrugated-Metal-Stainless-Steel-Plate The cost of ordinary steel structure materials is about 500 yuan per square meter. The cost of square meters is 1200 ~ 1500 yuan.

The general labor cost is about 200 yuan per square meter per person, but the region is different, and the labor costs will be very different.

The steel structure uses steel as the main material, with very light weight, high plasticity, good flexibility, affordable price, and the houses made very practical, and it will not be limited by the venue. Under normal circumstances, the life of steel structure houses can basically reach 50 years.

Dongguan Qixin Steel Structural Material Company has focused on the production of steel structure materials and processing for 8 years (production, processing, manufacturing and manufacturing rock scaller plates, glass magnesium, aluminum magnesium manganese plate, C/Z steel, Loucheng board, single tiles, gas building tiles, resin tiles, slot steel and other profiles) Select steel, Qi Xin knows better.

With the continuous development of the business, the company successively built wave production lines, C -type steel production lines, various single -tile production lines, folding edge distribution production lines, sandwich board production lines, products are: composite Symbols (tiles), color waves (tiles), insulation plate (tile), foam plate (tile), C -type steel, Z -type steel, and products can meet the needs of various steel structure projects.


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