Steel structure Factory Fast cooling Equipment Iron Plant Tower cooling method

Due to the characteristics such as fast construction speed, low cost, and good solidarity, modern industrial enterprises are widely adopted due to their fast construction speed, low cost, and good solidity. However, in the summer, some factory workshops will become very high. From 11 o’clock to 16 o’clock, the temperature without heat sources in the working area is 5 degrees higher than the outside. 50 degrees.

Because some machines generate heat and steam in the steel structure workshop in the iron workshop, if these calories and steam are not discharged in time, they will accumulate in the workshop, so that the steel structure workshop gently working environment. The solution to these problems is to reasonably install the exhaust system to ensure the reasonable ventilation of the plant and install appropriate ventilation and cooling systems, which can effectively improve the air environment of the steel structure plant and reduce the temperature of the steel structure plant.

Steel structure plant cooling equipment

The problems existing in the steel structure plant and iron plants:

1. The area is large and high, and the space is large. Calling and ventilation equipment

2. The top insulation of the tinframe house is poor, and the high temperature in the summer is extremely stuffy. Generally, the indoor temperature is above 5 ° C higher than the outdoor. It is like a huge steamer, which is cool.

3. Because the area of \u200b\u200bthe iron house is large, the distribution of personnel is relatively scattered, and it is very difficult to reduce the temperature as a whole.

When the outdoor 33 ° C, the temperature in the factory may be above 40 ° C, the top may reach 50 ° C or even higher, the cost of cooling down in traditional air conditioning is too high, the cost of electricity consumption is higher, and the high economic cost is so high. Generally, enterprises cannot afford to afford it, and the work restrictions on work in various places are obviously not suitable for long -term use. The roof insulation cannot solve the fundamental problem, and the improvement effect is not good.

The ventilation and cooling equipment of the steel structure plant, the iron plants

Wet curtain cold fan and water curtain cold fan are outer circulating cooling and cooling sets that combine refrigeration, ventilation, dust, deodorization [ 123] Steel-Structure-Building-Has-Gradually-Become-the-Development-Trend , the main cooling core component is a wet curtain cooler. According to the natural physical phenomenon of \”evaporating the heat, the evaporation area affects evaporation efficiency\”, it has achieved the purpose of cooling, dust removal, and increasing fresh air, and is particularly suitable for large -scale workshops. Fresh air outdoors are continuously sent to the room, the indoor dirty air is discharged, and the air quality becomes better. The wet curtain cold fan is the use of water cooling principle to cool the air, and the cold air is transported to the indoor machine through a powerful exhaust fan, so that the indoor temperature of the steel structure plant is kept at a comfortable temperature of 26 ° C -30 ° C. The power consumption is only equivalent to 1/8 of the air conditioner, and the cost is 1/2 of the air conditioner. It is a better way to cool down but cool down. Steel structure plant cooling equipment

Steel structure plant and iron plants ventilation and cooling solution

The cooling and cooling effect of the steel structure plant is strong:

The temperature of the workshop is rapidly reduced by 4 ℃ -10 ℃, and the cooling speed is fast.

2. Large air volume and long air offer: The large air volume is 18,000-60000 meters per hour, which can be selected according to customer requirements.

3. Stable performance, reliable quality: After using 100 mm, the \”5090 evaporation rate network\” has a strong cooling capacity. It uses three -leaf axis flow blades, which has the advantages of low noise and high efficiency.

4. Energy saving: Standard configuration per 100 square meters with a 1.1 kW power wet curtain cold fan. Energy consumption is only part of the traditional air conditioner. Investment is only part of the central air conditioner.

5. Convenient: The overall cooling can also be used to cool down the cooling or tube of the regional position. It can solve the problem of cooling the staff and control costs.

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