Steel structure construction plan

First of all,

1.1 Main material: The main steel frame raw material of this project is Q345 steel, the column between support and the horizontal support of the roof are selected. Other support and unexplained material raw materials are Q235B.

1.2 High -intensity bolt: Select 10.9 high -strength twist -cut bolts. The contact surface is used for sandblasting, the anti -slip coefficient is ≥0.45, and it must not be painted or dirty;

1.3 1.3 Weld quality: (including roof beam) The connection welds of the component and the connecting board are specified in the first-level welded seam specification in the seam (GB50205-2001); View secondary welding seam specifications; others are viewed according to (GB50205-2001) in the middle tertiary welding seam;

1.4 Paint: All steel appearances require strict rust removal. The rust removal specification is performed in accordance with the national specifications of GB8923-88. When painted, the appearance of the component within the connection range of the high -strength bolt shall not be painted. After the device is over, anticorrosive treatment is performed. The primer is used to use two epoxy zinc -rich primer. Select fireproof coatings

1.5 Fire prevention: Fire -fire Class C of steel structure, fireproof coatings and paint facilities. The color of the noodles is confirmed according to the requirements of the construction professional. Its thickness should meet the rules of 14.3.3 in GB50205-2001: The thickness of the coating of thin coating fireproof coatings should meet the requirements of the refractory limit of 2 hours. The thickness of the thick coating of the thick coating coating should meet the design requirements of the refractory limit limit of 80%and above, and the thickness of the thin place should not be lower than the 85%of the design requirements.

Section of steel structure engineering features

1. Engineering characteristics

2.1 project volume is 1471, and the total steel structure is about about In 1900T, the project volume is large, and construction is required in stages and partitions.

2.2 professional types, the steel structure engineering of this project includes: steel pipe columns, box columns (BOX), H-shaped columns, H-shaped steel beams,

What-IS-the– Service-Life-OF-Prefabricated-Houses combined floor floor, steel pipe concrete, etc.

2.3 Intellectivity with steel mixing construction is mostly difficult to cooperate with the basement of the basement pillar. The basement is poured first, then the steel column is installed, and then the inside of the column is poured, and then the pillar outsourcing concrete is carried out. The steel structure of the floors is also interspersed with the construction of steel concrete in the floor.

2. Engineering focus, difficulties and solutions

2.1 Tight solution of construction period: early design, early buying materials, closely organized processing, on -site installations, and stratified flowing operations, for the next procedure Earlier conditions.

2.2 Quality requirements High -quality targets are city excellence, and strive to reach provincial excellence. As a result, the quality requirements of the steel structure as the main project are high. Solution: Strict control, establish a guarantee system, start from the source.

2.3 Nodes Constructed Difficulty Beams and columns are intersecting, and beams and beams intersect nodes. The processing of pillar pin nodes is difficult. Solution: Communicate more with the design institute, make more reasonable suggestions, and simplify nodes as much as possible.

2.4 Snaping of steel pipe concrete construction difficulty: Select the new type of pumping irrigation.

Section 3 The general description of the progress of the steel structure engineering

The steel structure device is interspersed with civil construction, and the continuity of the device should be guaranteed. When the impact of resistance and major natural elements, the construction period should be postponed. Under the unified command and coordination of the construction unit, the specific situation of the professional cooperation of the project may be partially adjusted.

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