How much is the cost of steel structure plant?

Facing a lot of large enterprises. Generally, when the factory production planning is planned, it is often selected for production. In the early stage of construction, we will quote the drawing after drawing. How many meters are each square meter.

1. It is related to the following factors

1) The area of \u200b\u200bthe factory https: www.sgsbuilding.comnewsindustryhow-to-take-amures-building-scructure -Plants (the smaller the area, the higher the average price).

2) Structural span, eaves height.

3) crane condition.

4) The requirements of the fence system.

5) labor cost.

6) Transportation costs, etc.

2. Project quotation has always been a sensitive problem

In fact, the quotation of the quotation is actually the issue of the planning drawings of the customer. In the future, we will provide detailed and useful quotations.

3. In the engineering practice, use unilateral steel to pre -evaluate prices

For example: a 2,000 square meter room, no special requirements, no crane beams, general steel volume is generally about 30kg/square meter, about 30kg/square meter The estimated price is about 350 yuan/square meter. Evaluation needs to be based on specific planning plans.

Faced with different construction environments, the cost of steel structure factories will be divergent. Usually, when construction, drawing planning will be carried out according to different from different. The cost will be different.

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