Loading of the steel structure plant

In order to ensure the safety of the building, the budget of the building must be available for the building. Throughout the rain and outdoor environment, the damage to the formation of natural disasters such as storms and rainstorms is inevitable. Therefore, when making, you need to do a certain standard for load talents.

1. The load specification value is 0.8kn/㎡ (excluding the self -weight of the stress component), and the additional load specification value of the factory building is 0.3kn/㎡ during the calculation of the wind suction power.

2. The load specification of the plant in the plant is 0.5kn/㎡.

3. Factory snow lotus load: the fundamental snow pressure is 0.4kn/㎡, 0.7kn/㎡ (snow lotus load specification value: SK \u003d μTSO, μT \u003d 2), which may generate special https: www .sgsbuilding.ComnewsindustryIntRoduction-TO-the-SPECICICIC-CONSTRUCTION-PROCES-OF-STRUCTURE-CANOPY area shall be selected by designers after review.

4. Wind load:

Fundamental wind pressure: 0.55kn/㎡, 0.75kn/㎡; In areas that may generate extra -large wind loads, the designer shall be selected after reviewing.

Wind load specification value: WK \u003d βG μs μzwo, βGZ \u003d 1.0, μs (negative wind) \u003d-2.0, μs (positive wind) \u003d 1.0, μZ \u003d 1.14.

5. Construction or maintenance of several loads of loads is 1.0kn. When the carrier capacity is verified, the width of the factory is taken every 1m and the load is set and placed in a unfavorable position.

6. Earthquake effect. Consider the Earthquake effect. When the length of the suspension is 2m, when the earthquake -resistant and anti -intensity is 8 degrees (0.20g), the vertical earthquake effects are standardized and the structure of the gravity load of the component is 10%. The load represents 15%.

Several types of house loads that are often seen above. Usually, when we use it, we can also choose the above types to build the plant. At the same time Put it into the production of an enterprise.

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