Steel skeleton light plate light quality high -strength

Lightweight plates of steel skeleton, due to their unique advantages, the steel skeleton light plate stands out of the many construction methods because of its low cost, high earthquake resistance, convenient installation, construction waste The characteristics of less, so the steel structure in the building replaces many brick mixed structures, because the parts and components used in the steel structure plant, such as the light plate of the steel skeleton, can be processed in the factory and assembled on the spot.

Compared with concrete buildings, the steel structure plant is faster, simple and easy to install, at least to shorten the construction period. In addition, the steel structure plant covers a small area. Compared with the same building structure, the range of steel structure plants will be larger.

The steel structure system uses environmentally friendly steel skeleton light plates. The steel skeleton light plate light plate inherits the reliability of traditional steel concrete roof panels, and has Development-And-APPlication- OF-NC-Stretch-BENDING-TechNOLOGY-AD-EQUIPMENT-LARGE-METAL-BEAMS-PASSED-The-APPRAISAL is suitable for rail transit, industrial plant, warehousing logistics, and logistics, and The roofs of large public buildings, stadiums and other buildings. Lightweight energy energy of the steel skeleton is matched with a variety of structured forms such as concrete structure, light steel structure and mesh, and has a wide range of uses. ##


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