How much is a second -hand steel structure plant?

Specific you can call the steel structure company to consult, they are Asynchronous-ERECTION-OF-CANTILEVER-BEAMS-OF -zhui-jinhai-bridge-IS-PROGressing-Smoothly will tell you about the amount. If you really don’t want to ask them, you can also find a steel structure website to see the quotation. Good at decoration security supplies. According to the cost of steel structure installation, the normal is relatively high at 3000-4000 yuan per ton. Now the steel structure installation is all-inclusive. For material costs, we know that the larger the project, the more you can negotiate the price to see if there is a discount. If it is only calculated according to the tonnage, the labor fee is required in the later period. Now the salary of the construction master is relatively high. The salary of the construction site is calculated by the day. The cost of tonal calculation is not very cost -effective, and it is difficult to negotiate the price of American and new Chinese styles. If only labor costs are calculated, it is about 2,000 yuan per ton. 5,000 yuan per ton.


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