Settings of Anhui Steel structure plant

During the earthquake, the impact of the strong ground movement caused by the transmission of earthquake waves in the soil layer The upper structure of the Anhui Steel Structure Plant, which causes the vertical and horizontal vibration of the plant, especially the multi -layer of the plane shape and asymmetric structure.Factory.At this time, due to the different stiffness of each part and the different earthquake response, the vibration of each part is not coordinated, so the connection part of the plant will have stress concentration, causing great damage.Therefore, for the structural measures of the strength and stiffness Anhui steel structure plant, in the following cases, the seismic seam should be set up:

(1)Form, T

Build-a-Nationsal-High-End-Metal-Structure-Material-Industry-Base shape, h shape, etc.). (2) When the workshop has a large error layer.(3) When the rigidity or load of the structure of the structure is very large. (4) The local base is uneven, and the sedimentation difference between each part is too large.

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