What are the classifications of steel structure factories?

Steel structure plant is a commonly used steel structure building. The commonly used factory buildings are mainly divided into several The-ATI-FIRE-Design-OF-The-STRUCTURE The steel structure factories, single -span steel structure factories, dual -crossing steel structure factories, horizontal steel structure factories, top steel structure plants, and cartridge steel structure factories, here are introduced these types of structural characteristics.

1. Door -type steel structure plant

This steel structure building can be directly referred to as the door frame system, and its steel structure building can be The main axis of the main axis is vertical, and the human glyph structure table with a large diameter value is used as the installation workpiece. This structure is usually used for steel structure buildings with large machinery or large -scale items.

2. Single -span steel structure plant

This structure is generally configured with various types of single -span frames for hanging Various mechanical equipment, suitable for steel structure factories that often have equipment operation or hanging operations.

3. Double -crossing steel structure plant

Factory buildings of this frame structure are generally configured to be configured in pairs, which can be arranged in parallel, and also It can be spread vertically.

Fourth, horizontal steel structure factory

Circular steel structure plant is divided into steel structure degree road rails and steel structures Circle factory. Its skewed road structure can make the plant have greater rigidity and easy to remove chips.

5. Top steel structure plant

Top steel structure plant with general tail seats or steel structure tail seats, suitable for the need for need Steel structures stored in a long current or too long equipment.


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