How to improve the efficiency of clothing warehouses?

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Foreign trade clothing characteristics and identification

Original goods (also known as Yu Lan and Tail): Big foreign brands provide fabrics and models to find manufacturers production in China. The qualified quality is the “genuine” in the specialty store. “Original goods” is the only difference between manufacturers from less than 3%of the “planned scrap materials” and the only difference between the process of secretly processing. It is only “庶“ “. I am lucky. There is also a “original unit”, because of various problems, the “external transfer of domestic sales” rejected by the brander, sometimes a large number. The most common is color differences, that is, inconsistent with foreign business requirements, but quality can still be guaranteed.

Following the unit: “Original” fabric, with a batch of domestic auxiliary materials, make up the original style, this is “follow -up”. Although the work is sloppy and the details are almost the same, after all, there is the same version and fabric as the genuine product. The key is the same as “blood”. Wearing it, it will not change.

Chasing the unit: When the manufacturer’s original fabric is used up, the merchant chases the need for goods. What should I do? Fortunately, the version is still in hand, just buying a group of similar fabrics in China, which is called “chasing unit”.

Photos: The worst quality is also the most popular batch on the market. Seeing the vulgar works of “the original three brothers”, please delete the invincible work. As long as the “imitation list” big households can be imitated as long as they glance at the clothing photos of the Paris Fashion Conference. Generally speaking, there are many original orders, and the number is relatively advantageous. This is because wool costumes are more prone to flaws. There are fewer original orders for jeans, and the size is difficult to complete. The same is true for shoes. T -shirts and jackets are very different.

Brand differences: BCBG, Jassica, CK, Burburry and other brand -name brands, there are very few originals goods, and there will be no complete tags. Some European brands are not well -known in China. For example, there will be a small amount of original units of Banana, H & M, etc., which are generally cut and quality. I like two brands very much, haha. ONLY, Jack & Jones and other domestic hot -selling popular brands have relatively many original orders. But because these popular brands are selling well, there are many pursuit and imitation orders.

There are several characteristics of clothing in the outer single: the fabric is good. There are special requirements from the choice of cotton to the fabric of the outer single. Many textile factories that supply foreign units often purchase a special set of woven machines to meet customer requirements. Outside clothing is often not a cotton fabric, but auspicious, and spandex is a new type of fiber with a high price. The higher the amino content in the fabric, the more expensive the fabric.

Generally speaking, most of the clothes of T -shirts contain more than 90 % of cotton, plus spandex, which is commonly known as refined cotton. Such clothes feel soft and sweat -absorbing. Well, the color is not very bright, but it ca n’t afford autumn, not fading, even if you wrinkle and shake, you will restore the original state. On the contrary, after washing the colors with too bright cotton clothing, it is often easy to fade after washing several times, and the colorful cotton fabrics are likely to be because the formaldehyde content of the fabric is exceeded.

And the outer single, especially the clothes exported to Europe and the United States, does not shrink even after washing the clothes of all wool. I have several such clothes. When I wear dirty, I throw them in the washing machine. I do n’t deform any way, what is it when I buy it, and what is it like after washing.

Traditional clothing warehouse management no longer adapts to the development of modern clothing enterprises. Enterprises have transformed into new management models. It aims to improve the efficiency of the enterprise’s own work, increase the profit of the enterprise, and achieve the development of the enterprise. The clothing warehouse management system can improve the warehouse management level of clothing production enterprises and balance the inventory management of enterprises.

Traditional clothing warehouse management no longer adapts to the development of modern clothing enterprises. Enterprises have transformed into new management models. It aims to improve the efficiency of the enterprise’s own work, increase the profit of the enterprise, and achieve the development of the enterprise. The clothing warehouse management system can improve the warehouse management level of clothing production enterprises and balance the inventory management of enterprises.

The main points of the management pain points of traditional clothing enterprise warehouses are mainly the following points:

1. There are many product styles, obvious seasonality, and faster styles, and it is difficult to manage the product uniform and effective.

2. When entering and exiting the warehouse, it is easy to miss the items, the quantity is easy to leak, resulting in incorrect materials, collecting wrong goods, and affecting the quality of production and service.

3. The original ERP function is not complete, and the number of business units that are increased with Japanese drama cannot be carried.

4. The items failed to remove the shelves according to a certain strategy (such as advanced first), which caused the accumulation of dull waste, increasing inventory costs.

5. The unclear selling and slow -selling products are unclear, which leads to the shortage of best -selling goods. The slow -selling goods are always sufficient, and the inventory turnover rate is low.

6. Without good monitoring methods, the situation where employees are lazy occur, and the overall operational efficiency is poor.

7. Without a good product traceability, problems occur, it is difficult to go back to the original person in charge, increasing cost expenditure.

8. A large number of monthly, quarterly, and annual statistics reports, the production is slow, the workload is huge, the accuracy is poor, and it cannot provide a strong basis for managers’ decisions.

9. When encountering big promotions, even if you recruit temporary workers and work overtime, the situation of bursting and inconsistency still occurs from time to time, affecting the corporate image.

The collar clothing warehouse management system is a software that is customized for clothing manufacturers. The price is reasonable. It is 100 % tailor -made to serve you to work 100 %.

The clothing warehouse management system allows you to understand the inventory situation in real time, quickly conduct inventory inquiries, and you can also use the code scanning gun to quickly locate the products. A variety of products are in batches or allocated at the same time to reduce the trouble of operation. You can set up inventory safety warning settings and do not understand the inventory status in time. Manage multiple suppliers, select the purchasing goods, reduce the cost of purchasing products, improve the quality of goods, and return the goods to the corresponding suppliers to reduce the losses caused by the backlog of products. The data is updated simultaneously, and the data will not be delayed. The report can customize printing, fast production speed, high accuracy, allowing managers to understand the operation of the warehouse in a timely manner and facilitate decision -making.

clothing warehouse

How to put the shelves reasonably to make warehousing management more efficient?

The channel is put in front, because this is very important, not only is it convenient to use, but also the guarantee that the accident can be processed in time. Be cautious. The channel is usually set towards the door, and items are placed on both sides. If the area is large, the main passage must guarantee about 1.5m, and the main channel is pushed to the two sides by the main channel to the two sides. Each two shelves must be left with a small passage of about 1m (guaranteed one person). If there are only two rows of racks, you can directly top the wall to use a limited space. The same gap. It is necessary to ensure that all channels are smooth, and no item can be placed on the channel.

For clerk supplies and emergency supplies areas, a small part of the entrance (non -channel) left and right. Putting the private goods, packaging bags, membership cards and some emergency supplies, etc., which is conducive to the management and maintenance of store image.

The division of the goods area needs to follow the label of the shelf, and check the number of the clothing number on the clothing number. arrangement. Shoes, hats, jewelry and other products, the warehouse shelves can be placed separately after the clothing can be used separately after the clothing. It is recommended to sell it as the main products. The goods can only be displayed.

How to place the clothing of the clothing library?

Placed according to the style

There must be more than one clothing style of each clothing, so the area must be divided in advance when the shelves are placed. At least the first time when the distribution is needed, the system can be roughly systematic in the area of the warehouse, which can improve efficiency.

Adjust the order according to the sales situation

If the inventory sales are not good, when long -term occupation of the warehouse shelves, consider clearing the positioning or adjusting these styles of shelves to it. This can facilitate the delivery of other clothes. When the adjustment is adjusted, it must be determined according to the sales of your own store.

Similar styles are concentrated

Some clothes such as long models, short models, velvet and thin models that look almost confusing can be placed in a shelf, and then add a few layers of shelves in a certain order. Turn on the label to distinguish.

Guaranteed channels to be unobstructed

It is OK to take a person directly in the shelves, but the middle main road in the middle must be kept unobstructed, because if you match the clothes more, you must use the car to transport it. Trouble.

Set up packaging and courier diversion zone

The goods that are taken out must be packed, so try to reasonably designed and packaged areas in the placement of the shelves so that anywhere in the warehouse are faster to reach the packing area for packaging and saving time.

Overall planning and single mode details

The warehouse is not only stacked with storage of goods, but also needs to be packaged, external, printing courier orders, and other processes. Therefore, it is best to design as a circular flow line. Do not take the road to avoid the influence of the road.

How to improve storage management?

(1) Optimization of cargo position, improve sorting efficiency

The special features of the clothing and shoe warehouses are mainly reflected in: a multi -color, both boxed and both bags, both clothing, shoes and hats, as well as jewelry, and even device and props. Note that the product software management system is mentioned here that it is not a product logo for storing position logo! The goods are classified according to its classification, arranged in an orderly manner, and replaced the names of the goods with concise text, symbols or numbers instead of the goods. Scientific cargo coding is conducive to accurate cargo coding, which can quickly conduct in -warehouse operations to improve operating efficiency.

In order to enable the management of clothing and storage in an orderly manner and be conducive to the standardized operation of the operation of the warehouse, the tiblist should divide the warehousing space into several areas in accordance with the requirements and characteristics of the clothing storage storage, and to form a cargo position. It provides convenience for sorting operations and perform efficient sorting operations. Do a good job of product storage position (hereinafter referred to as positions), even if it is a large bag in the small wholesale store, there are as much as possible as possible, otherwise the new employee cannot find the product in a short time. Of course There is no need to make a logo again.

(2) Inventory of multiple levels, improve the accuracy and operating efficiency of inventory

In the process of operating business products in the clothing and shoe industry, there will be various reasons that cause the number of books (the number of computers) to be inconsistent with the number of real objects, such as the physical entry and leaving people to get the wrong goods (especially the wrong color or size causes the channeling code. ), The number logo is wrong, even lost and so on. The person who participates in the initial disk, the recovery, the dumping, and the monitoring must be trained according to the inventory management procedure, so that the inventory personnel must fully understand the entire process of inventory procedures, inventory methods, inventory forms, etc. Supervisor conducts cargo identification training, because most of them are not familiar with the goods in the re -inventory and supervisors, they should strengthen the recognition of the goods and the supervisor’s identification of the goods, which is conducive to the inventory work.

(3) Proceduralization of operations to improve the efficiency of in -warehouse operations

Because the characteristics of shoe, hats and clothing are characterized by color division, at the same time at least two seasons each year, the season is fast and variety changes are fast. Therefore, it is required that the shoe and hats and clothing industry to manage the inventory turnover speed must be continuously improved. Products with bias of size and products with seasons should be cleared quickly, and seasonal products are replaced. Ensure that the various tasks before the goods enter the warehouse are fully prepared, the operation process of the goods entering the warehouse is effective, the content of the goods acceptance is comprehensive, the method is proper, the documents are filled in correctly, the division of labor is clear, the collaborative nature of various departments, the abnormalities in the enrollment acceptance process The problem handling is properly in place, such as incomplete documents, not consistent orders, different quality, inconsistent quantity, there are no goods, and the wrong test. Therefore, the thoughtful organization, reasonable arrangements, as much as possible to ensure that the outbound goods are sent to customers in accordance with quality, quantity, timely, and safely to ensure the efficient, accurate, low consumption, and orderly operation of the operation.

(4) Informatization of warehousing operations to improve the efficiency of warehousing operations

Regardless of whether you are the clothing and shoe industry brand company or regional agent, with the development of the company, companies need to increase investment in all aspects, especially in warehousing, more in storage venues, storage facilities, handling equipment, sorting equipment, barcodes, barcodes, barcodes Investment in technology and other aspects. Application barcode technology can effectively solve the problem of low operating efficiency, difficulty in inventory control, and difficulty managing cargo position. It can also calmly cope with market changes. To realize the informationization of warehousing management, it is necessary to establish a unique encoding for each product of each variety, and use the barcode printing mechanism to make the barcode label on the outer packaging of the clothing or hang it on the product. In this way, there will not be no goods, and the timing of the sales opportunity will be missed.


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