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What are the quality management systems for the construction site of the steel structure plant?

With the rapid development and development of infrastructure projects in the intelligent system of economic development in my country, the intelligent infrastructure project in China has won the rapid development trend and steady development in recent years. The following is the improvement of the standard standards of factory infrastructure projects. Steel structure plant is a widely used plant structure method in the process of modern production at this stage. Scientific research on production work, and to promote the improvement of the brand of steel structure factories in our country, and make critical efforts to the further development of industrial production in my country.

What are the quality management systems for the construction site of the steel structure plant

1. The quality management method of the steel structure plant welding project is in the steel structure plant The connection of steel components in engineering projects is basically connected to the core with a threaded connection, and a part of the welding connection will be there. Because the composition of performance excellent steel is relatively small in carbon elements, high plasticity, and performance of excellent steel with general building steel, which has very good welding characteristics. Because the aluminum alloy material components made by the manufacturer’s excellent steel are different, the welding materials suitable for the performance of excellent steel welds are different. What are the quality management systems in the construction site of the steel structure plant

2. The quality management method of the steel structure plant installation period must have strict management methods for the installation of the steel structure plant and strictly managing the accuracy of the installation accuracy The form of installation should also meet relevant needs.

The columns and beams of the steel component must be checked on the flatness of the bottom plate and the flatness of the column top, the overall height, and the building of each node building. Line and 1M building elevation line label to carry out re -test review of the length and short verticality of its load -bearing wall and side bending.

After the first pillar top was lifted, be sure to strictly measure the level of plane, the elevation of the pillar, the position, and axial deviation of the axial deviation, and adjust it to the product quality standards. After the specified range, the wind rope is fixed and tightened to the foot bolts in order to carry the cranes of the steel pillar and steel beams again.

Fixed control module should be caused on the day. When the fixed non -motion control module cannot be caused, try to pull the wind rope fixed as much as possible to prevent the formation of the collapse safety accident accident. When the installation of the steel structure plant causes the indoor space design fixed control module, and experience the inspection and acceptance of construction enterprises, engineering construction supervision, and quality inspection stations, then the interior space design of the pillar bottom and the basic walls is used in high -strength grouting materials for secondary times. Spreading pressure. What are the quality management systems for steel structure plant construction sites

3. The management method of steel structure materials and coating management methods for steel structure factories Quality management methods, especially when the steel structure plant has many engineering materials and is susceptible to steel components, quality management methods are more important.

Various types of building steel, welding materials, tight markers used in connection, etc. ] The product quality standards and scheme design requirements of the implementation standards must be met. Among them, the quality of imported building steel products should meet the specifications of scheme design and contract text.

What are the quality management systems for the construction site of the steel structure plant 4. The production and management method of steel parts and steel components of steel parts and steel parts Or cutting surface plane degree, depth of cutting and gaps, edge deficiency edges, and the graphic specifications on the top of the gaps to build graphic specifications and model deviations.

For the coating engineering project of steel components, the management methods are processed to handle their anticorrosive coatings, coating development, interval time, thickness of coating, and building steel metal manufacturing before coating , The tensile strength, compressive strength, coating thickness, the total width of the surface cracks, and the pre -coated building steel metal manufacturing and rust -proof coating shall meet the relevant standards of the design regulations and the relevant standards of the national enforcement standard.


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