Steel skeleton light plate supporting steel structure

Steel skeleton light plate supporting, steel structure plant is one of the types of prefabricated building structures. The material of steel structure engineering is mainly steel. Compared with other building structures, the steel structure plant has simple construction and simple construction. Energy -saving and environmental protection and economic conservation are characterized. Therefore, many industrial plants now choose a building form of steel structure. Steel skeleton light boards are used as supporting boards for steel structure plants.

Steel skeleton light plate

Steel skeleton light plate supporting steel structure

1. Advantages of steel structure plant:




1) High -intensity and high -intensity weight ratio; good plasticity and toughness;

2) The material is uniform, in line with mechanical assumptions, and high safety and reliability.

3) Factory production, high degree of industrialization;

4) Fast construction period of steel frame factories, no templates;

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Steel skeleton light board supporting

https: www.sgsbuilding.comsteel-structurewhatwhat-al-key-point-for-astel-style-work-work-work-work-work It can form an organic whole with the steel structure and mesh structure to form a common action system. The fire resistance limit is greater than 2 hours, and the first -level fire prevention requirements of the component are met. Steel skeleton light plates are suitable for roofs of rail transit, industrial plant buildings, warehousing and logistics, large public buildings, stadiums and other buildings. It is an ideal material for replacing concrete boards. ##


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