How to choose a steel structure plant, multi -layer and single -layer steel?

I believe that many industrial manufacturers have considered whether to build steel structure factories, but do n’t know what to build, is it choosing a multi -layer or a single layer? How to choose the best? In fact, the principles of analyzing the layout of multi -layer and single -layer steel structures are known.

When the structure of the multi-layer steel structure plant is arranged, the following principles are mainly considered:

1. Seismic setting

Design-OF -Steel-Structure-POULTRY-House . The multi -layer steel structure plant should try to make the shape of the plant, uniform, and symmetrical, and the center of the stiffness is overlapped as possible with the quality of the quality.

2. Support system. Multi -layer steel structure factories generally adopt a framework system and framework support system, and vertical support should be used in the middle support. In the case of conditions permit, energy brackets such as eccentric stents can also be used. The central support is best to use cross support.

3. Building requirements. When arranging the structure, factors such as advanced construction technology, improvement of industrialization, construction convenience and economic rationality should be considered.

The structure layout of the single -layer steel structure plant mainly considers the following principles:

1. The horizontal anti -side direction system. Frames, door frames, cantilever columns, or other structural systems connected or hinged with roof beams and column top steel. The vertical resistance system of the factory building should be supported by columns, and a rigid frame structure can also be adopted when the conditions are limited.

2. Carrying ability. When the roof beam and column top hing, use the bolt. When the beam is a solid beam, there is sufficient bearing capacity to ensure the connection of the node to ensure that the node and the connection will not be damaged when the component is fully cross -section.

3. Stability. In the construction and use stage, the stability of the structural components is guaranteed.

Seeing the above principles, I believe you know, you have to choose multi -layer or single layer.


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