The technical points of installing multi -layer steel structure factories

How to install the multi -layer steel structure plant, and what technical points do you know during installation? Today, the steel structure editor summarized a few points for everyone, let’s take a look together.

1. Construction technology

In the construction and installation of multi -layer steel structure plants, it is important to install as a pillar of key load -bearing components. Therefore, the quality of the pillar basis and the embedded quality of the pillar bolt should be controlled. In order to facilitate the adjustment of the installation elevation of the steel column, during the infrastructure, the concrete was poured to 40-60mm slightly lower than the design elevation than the design. Fine stone concrete was built in secondary. Before the foundation is poured, the position of the embedded foot bolt should be accurately located. Generally, the errors of the elevation and the axis should be less than 5mm and 2mm, respectively. Welded with pillar feet steel bars and fixed.

2. Hanging technology

Before the installation of the multi -layer steel structure plant, the https: www.sgsbuilding. Comnewsindustrywhat-after-the-Advantages-OF-Stainless-SUNLIGHT-CANOPY Positioning shaft, elevation and ground foot bolts can be reviewed. The hanging of the steel structure is expanded from the middle of the building to the surroundings in turn. Each frame is installed in the operating unit first, and then the frame beam is installed. Then other components are installed, and the framework is formed from the bottom up. When the steel column is installed, the independent steel column has no horizontal horizontal stress support, the structure itself does not have any protection measures, and there is a large structural risk factors during the installation process. Therefore, three oblique supports are set on the side of each steel column, and the oblique support is just connected to the steel column to play a horizontal fixing role. At the same time, pull the cable wind rope at the top of the steel column to prevent the steel column from falling under unfavorable conditions. After the installation of each section of the framework is completed, the main component must be installed to make it have the stability of space stiffness and reliable.

3. The lifting construction of the main beam and its node connection process

The production accuracy of the beam is high, and the length of the length directly affects the beam of the beam. Insert and install. The beam pillar adopts a rigid connection, and the connection between the column and the beam is mixed with high -strength bolts and welding, that is, the connection between the beam wing edge and the column full melting welded, the abdominal plate of the beam and the welding shear plates on the column for the friction type for the shear shear plate. High -strength bolt connection, set the horizontal rib or partition of the pillar in the corresponding position of the beam wing edge, welded after the high -strength bolt was initially twisted. During the lifting of the main beams and corrections, the welded cramps should be reserved according to the requirements of the welding process design requirements. The amount of shrinkage is made, and then the high -strength bolt is finally twisted. It should be noted that the outer side of the lower wing edge is prone to welding quality defects.

The above three points are the technical points of the multi -layer steel structure plant installation of the steel structure. I hope to help everyone. More about the steel structure content can be available on our official website for viewing and understanding.


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