Steel structure design directly affects structural safety and stability. What do the owners of the construction plant industry need to understand?

In the current construction of large cities, industrial production construction occupies a large part, and the method of steel structure has become a wide range. This actually enhances the application of industrial production plant The construction cost fee of the structural plant can also extend the use period of the plant. In the design and construction of the factory, the steel structure design directly affects the reliability and reliability of the structure. In many aspects, it may affect the construction design, and it gives very high requirements for the operating environment and basic form. Multi -directional design work.

[Design status of the steel structure plant]

In the application and flat application, the steel structure should strictly strictly according to the engineering drawings of the project drawings. Design to ensure that several indoor spaces in the building space are effective and coordinated. But now it seems that the construction of steel structure industrial production places in our country is temporarily lacking rationalization. In the project construction, there is no way to harmonize the proportion of indoor spaces, and the indoor space in the factory of the factory building is randomly planned. Harm, there are also problems in the total area of \u200b\u200bthe factory space in the factory of the plant. In the construction of the steel structure of industrial production of traditional industrial parks, concrete structure structure is a relatively common type of structure. The double -storey plant will also use the bearing board such as the building steel trushing building. Compared with the traditional steel structure of the traditional mud industry, the carrying capacity of the plant is significantly enhanced. Therefore, the prefabricated component of the steel structure plant Asynchronous-ERECTION-CANTilever-BEAMS-Zhuhai-Jinhai-Bridge-Is- Progressing-Smoothly is important.

During the design process, the cost and cost problem is the most concerned about everyone. In the steel structure design, the project budget must be manipulated, but many steel structure manufacturers have not taken corresponding measures to manipulate the project. The budget, and even the cost of building construction projects in the construction of the plant. Some factory buildings exceed the budget after completion, thereby reducing the economic benefits of engineering projects. Some factory buildings even face the dilemma of repairs.

[Problems existing in the design of the steel structure plant]

Today, the steel structure plant also needs to improve the quality and actual effect of construction, and the structure must be improved. Design analysis, establish a key point of structure and design, shape the core concept of scientific and complete design, and comprehensively show the advantages and characteristics of the steel structure itself. The factory structure is designed for private space, and the division of the region must carry out scientific and rational opinions. Otherwise, the design effect is also a must for the application of structure. In addition, at this stage, engineering budgets in the design of steel structure factories are all problems, which has also triggered a lot of problems in factory price spreads, and the economic income of the construction of industrial production plants is also harmed.

Although the steel structure is a industrial production design, it is necessary to establish the key points of attention in the process of engineering construction, such as the strong coordination ability of the steel structure itself, so in the project, in the project, It is easy to be affected by the environment, which will also lead to rust problems. In order to avoid this type of difficulty, paint should be sprayed with paint and corrosion paint after the project. The quality and practical effect of the construction of the project, in addition to designing the high temperature, high humidity environmental destruction when designing, is to destroy the performance of the steel structure.


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