Why build a steel structure warehouse?

Warehouse, as the name suggests, requires space to store items, then the large space is the first point of the warehouse. The steel structure warehouse combines this point, and the warehouse built with this material structure is larger. The warehouse generally stored items, the most afraid of it is some objective factors that affect the goods stored in the warehouse. The steel structure warehouse has largely avoided these problems. First of all, the construction of the steel structure construction is lighter, which is relatively lighter. In addition, the general large warehouse span is large, and the steel structure just meets the conditions.

There are also many warehouse demand is relatively urgent, especially large warehouses. The biggest advantage of choosing a steel structure warehouse is that the construction period of the steel structure is relatively short, and it is more convenient to build, which greatly reduces investment costs. In addition, with the development of the business, some people’s warehouses will definitely face the problem of moving address, and another advantage of steel structure buildings will be highlighted at this time. Because of its lightness, its movement engineering will be more convenient and recycling is a problem without pollution. In an era when the environment is so bad and air pollution is more serious, the steel structure warehouse will not continue to be used after use, and waste can also be recycled without pollution is its advantage and the prerequisite for continuing development.

From the benefits of using steel structures, the steel structure can be expected, which will become a trend of future development. This material and this emerging house construction structure largely improve the aesthetics of the project and its use performance. The aesthetics of some warehouses can also have a new height on the basis of ensuring practicality.

steel structure wareshop advantage

Good shock resistance

The steel structure warehouse can also be used in the place where earthquakes occur, because such a building of earthquake resistance is very good. Even a magnitude eight -magnitude earthquake occur, he will not wait for him to better protect everyone’s personal and property safety It is also a very good architectural structure for everyone.

Widely used

Now that the steel structure warehouse is more and more widely used, it will increase in many factory fields. We also believe that in the future such as a building, it will be widespread. Will also know more.

More environmentally friendly

In this era, everyone also attaches great importance to the environmental protection of architecture. If the building can be more environmentally friendly, then everyone can also be more assured, but if the building is not very environmentally friendly, then everyone in these buildings does not like it, and steel The structural warehouse is such a relatively environmentally friendly building. It is because such a building is relatively environmentally friendly, so such a building will also attract more attention from everyone. In the future, such a building can also be used in a lot of places. Everyone has become more aware of the role of such a building. These aspects are one aspect that everyone cannot ignore.

Production and processing of steel structure warehouse

It should be noted that the operating layer in the project management organization map is arranged. For example, if the steel structure is welded, the construction teams such as electric welding workers should be filled in. The subcontracting method generally includes the contractor and the other materials. Select. c. The selection method of subcontractors Generally, there are companies selected the owner directly subcontracted the owner subcontracting project to select the company to approve the owner project to jointly select other. The main content of the project management goals is the quality of the construction target quality and the construction target of the green construction target, the science and technology construction goals Essence Various resource supply methods The arrangement of labor resource arrangements involving the name of the construction team name Qualification requirements Start the construction time of construction time subcontractors.

The high -strength bolt connection during the construction process of the anti -slip coefficient steel structure engineering, the ratio of the external force of the sliding surface of the connector friction surface and the high -strength bolt pre -tensile power of the vertical friction surface of the connector. Pre -assembly steel structure processing companies to test whether the component meets the installation quality requirements. The spatial stiffness unit consists of a basic stable spatial system composed of components.

Emergency plans Emergency command agencies and responsibilities based on the type of accident, clearly clarify the deputy commander commander of the emergency command agency and specific responsibilities of various member units or personnel. Emergency command agencies can set up corresponding emergency rescue working groups to clarify the tasks of each group and the responsibilities of the main responsible persons. The precautions According to the characteristics of the project, the construction of the relevant units and the property rights units are included in the emergency organization according to the conditions of the surrounding interface property units.

steel structure wareshop

Production and processing of high -quality steel structure warehouses, construction points of construction points for construction point steel structure projects before the construction of the installation sequence and correction welding, uninstallation and coating, and the safety technical measures taken (operating platform assembly fetuses rack racks Temporary load -bearing support frames and related facilities and equipment are set up and demolished), common safety quality problems and preventive treatment measures. Construction process process process process process steel structure installation project The total construction process process and various sub -project process process process (the operation platform assembly and temporary load -bearing support frame is installed and dismantled).

It is divided into 80100120140160 specifications according to the height. The length can be determined according to engineering design. However, considering the conditions such as transportation and installation, the total length does not exceed 12 meters. Expanded data is mainly used for industrial plant large -span structures High -speed structure Multi -high -level civilian building with high -rise civil buildings with high structural plate shell structures with higher earthquake -resistant structural light steel structures and reinforced concrete combination structures.

The production and processing of high -quality steel structure warehouses, coating content and rust removal level requirements; coating process and equipment management process process process process requirements and quality measures. Construction plane layout of steel structure fire painting construction of different components of different components; fire -resistant coating construction process quality acceptance and other construction plane layouts include project weeks and intra -field road maps (car hanging routes) steel component on -site. Calculation of force, temporary electric plane layout diagram in the field.

The production and processing of high -quality steel structure warehouses, due to the carelessness of the steel structure construction personnel, the size of the steel structure has a deviation; the welding technology of the steel structure welding construction personnel is poor, resulting in the poor welding quality of the steel; the steel structure construction stage, the components of each component The installation and connection between them are not in place; the steel structure construction personnel cannot be constructed strictly in accordance with the drawing of the steel structure construction, and even the phenomenon of random changes to the construction plan will directly affect the quality of the steel structure construction.

The production and processing of high -quality steel structure warehouses. The two -way oblique interlaced mesh is composed of the plane truss in two directions, but its angle is not orthodox, which forms a rhombus grid. It is mainly suitable for two direction grid size and requires equal lengths of string rods. At the same time, the angle between such grid rods is irregular, resulting in complex node structure and poor space stress performance. Therefore, it is only considered when there are special requirements in the building.

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