What are the types of trailer house?

The drag -mounted RV is a driver. Unlike the self -propelled RV, the drag -mounted RV has no motivation itself. It requires additional vehicles to drag it.

Depending on the appearance and functional settings, the drag -mounted RV can be divided into drag -mounted RVs, dragging type B RVs, drag -mounted RVs, drag -mounted RVs, mobile villa A, mobile villas, mobile villas, mobile villas Type B RV.

Type A RV

First specification

Circuit: about 6-10 meters (according to the model)

Price: about 200,000 (according to configuration)

Bed: about 6 people (according to the model)

Second feature

A. Use a connector and hook to drag behind the SUV, car or self -propelled RV. Some models need to be dragged away with more power. They are separated from the trailer when the camp or unused.

B. Sleep, shower, cooking, and dining equipment on the car are comfortable and complete, and there is no space occupied by the cab. This kind of RV has a variety of design concepts. Expand it out to increase dining, sleeping, and kitchen areas.

C.Extended drag -mounted RV can also improve fuel economy. The top of the car can be reduced to the height of ordinary cars to reduce the fuel consumption caused by the resistance of the wind. In addition, when parking or parking lot, it can also reduce the space occupation. The new dragging RV can be dragged using a 6 -cylinder family car. It maintains the characteristics of traditional RVs and adds a lot of new design concepts.

trailer house

Type B RV

First specification

Clear: About 7-13 meters (according to the model, no trailer)

Price: about 300,000 (according to configuration)

Bed: About 8 people (according to the model)

The trailer design has a drag -connected device placed in the pickup truck, and has the most suitable fault -layer living space in all tow -type RVs. This kind of RV has a living equipment at home, suitable for weekend vacations, family travel or perennial travel. Essence

Second feature

A. Like all other drag -mounted RVs, it can be separated from the trailer in the camp or other unused cases to use the trailer alone. (Most of the trailers are pickups)

B. The unique and wrong layer of this dragging RV can assemble a large master bedroom above the space above the pickup truck. The rear is equipped with a panoramic window.

C. Two -thirds of these cars are equipped with at least one side of the space expansion device. As long as the light button is light, the car body will expand up to a distance of up to one meter to increase dining, sleeping, and even the kitchen area.

D.This kind of RV needs to be equipped with a complete pickup card or dedicated trailer to drag. When using, pay attention to the weight, turning and reversing of the RV, and choose a model that matches the trailer trailer when purchasing. (You can ask the dealer)

Type C RV

Circuit: about 4-6 meters (according to the model)

Price: about 80,000 (according to configuration)

Bed: about 6 people (according to the model)

Features: low price, light weight, convenient exercise, and model.

A. For many people who buy RVs or families with children, I hope to buy cheap models as a preliminary attempt to travel by RV. This model is more attractive.

B. Because such RV weighs light weight, it is easy to be dragged by most cars and even many small mini cars, and even manpower can manipulate these light RVs.

C. Due to the small specifications and clever design, you can quickly open and close when using or leave the camp.

D.Living facilities include kitchen, sleep areas, bathrooms, and bath facilities. Some models can expand space on both sides to increase sleep areas and use space.

D -type RV

Circuit: about 5.5-6.5 meters (according to the model)

Price: about 200,000 (excluding pickup cards)

Bed: about 4 people (according to model)

The car -hanging RV is a model on the pickup truck or a modified car trough, which can be used for camping occasions with poor road conditions.

A. It is a simple economic choice for those who already have pickups. You only need to verify the size and weight of the RV to see if your car can be afforded.

B. The compact shape, the characteristics of the separation, can make you conveniently communicate between the camps and the home; and if the power is sufficient, you can also add a drag on a boat, the snow on the snow, the yacht, etc. Essence

C. Most of the models have more living space, which can expand living rooms or bedrooms. These devices can make the living and activity space of RVs greater. The toilet, shower facilities, kitchen facilities and air conditioners and refrigerators are complete.

D.Also, the models for winter travel have increased the BTU furnace, warm wind facilities, thick insulating layers and double -layer glass windows.

Type A

Circuit: about 6-11 meters (according to the model)

Price: about 400,000 (according to configuration)

Bed: About 8 people

A. Mobile villas are suitable for enthusiasts who have practicing long -term vacations for a long time. Mobile villas need to use special or heavy flat trailers to move to the camp; they can also be trapped short distances.

B. Planning seasonal use; comfort and convenient; large room for living. The internal configuration facilities are as convenient and free to use as home.

C.The design of this type of RV is not suitable for regular converting camps. Its equipment is not available for 12V electricity, and once the vehicle stops, it must be connected to the public power system to be charged.

Mobile B

Circuit: about 6-12 meters (according to the model)

Price: about 400,000 (according to configuration)

Bed: About 8 people (according to the model)


A. Planning seasonal use, drag the car to the camp or park, comfortable, convenient, large space, comfortable and luxurious facilities. Such RVs are designed for travel enthusiasts who have time and intend to have a long time vacation and leisure. Special or heavy cars are transported to the camp.

B. The design of this type of RV is not suitable for regular conversion camps. Its equipment does not apply 12V electricity, and once the vehicle stops, it must be connected to the public power system to supplement the power.

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