What are the benefits of building a modern modular home?

Modular buildings are the forms of different places in the building structure unit, and then assembled on the spot to complete the construction of the building: the modular unit forms the structure of the building and is closed and available. Modular buildings are particularly popular in hotels, educational facilities (such as classrooms and student dormitories) and medical care facilities. This is because many similar modules can achieve scale economy and reduce the special benefits of on -site construction time.

Advantages of modular buildings

The birth of modular buildings has completely subverted the traditional architectural model. Compared with traditional architectural forms, modular buildings have high degree of intensiveization, low building energy consumption, high building quality, low -carbon energy saving and environmental protection Waiting for many advantages. In the background of the national environment of “laborers shortage, strict environmental protection, and excess steel production capacity”, the application and development of modular buildings is an inevitable trend. It will play a vital role.

In the 2018 practice explanation, NEC pointed out that the benefits obtained from the construction of different places mainly involved the creation of components in the factory environment, exempt from weather, and manufacturing technology, such as equipped with special and professional equipment assembly lines. By using appropriate technology, the modular structure can be:

Increase the construction speed by increasing the manufacturing speed of parts,
reduce waste,
Increase scale economy,
Improve quality, thereby reducing the entire life cycle cost of assets,
Reduce the environmental impacts such as dust and noise,
Poor accidents and health by reducing the amount of on -site construction.

modern modular home

Environmental protection can be used in circulation again, and environmental protection and energy saving are advocated by the world. This form of housing just meets the concept of environmental protection. Modern houses use environmental protection materials, and construction waste will not be generated in construction engineering. When you need to replace the place, you can hang it out of the whole without removal for recycling.

The cost of modular houses is very low, and the installation is fast and shortened. If you use a modular house to compare with everyone’s ordinary housing, the time to build a modular house is far faster than building a house. And the materials used in the construction process are also very savvy, which can be produced in large quantities to meet the needs of the city. For ordinary people, its price is also reasonable.

To meet people’s high requirements, modular houses are made of high -quality materials. It is safe and sturdy and durable. The safety factor is very high, which meets the needs of some construction sites that need safe and temporary housing. There are many supporting facilities in the modular house that can be installed, such as: air conditioning, broadband, electric lights, TV, etc. Moreover, the strong stability of the modular houses is more guaranteed to ensure the safety of demolition households. The convenience of modular house products to the demolition households should have understood it. From this we can see the convenience and benefits of modular houses to everyone.

Security advantage

The modular structure helps to eliminate or reduce many dangers related to traditional structures, and can avoid these dangers, including: falling from a high place, such as roof. The commonly used method is to build a roof on the ground, and then hang it with a crane to drop the items in place. When the construction needs to work on a building at the completion, work is usually carried out at different heights. This can lead to the possibility of falling into other workers.

The tension of ergonomics. Staff can perform a small part of the project in an easy -to -enter area, so that they do not need to reach out.Environmental hazards. Like the danger of ergonomics, employees can work in the protected environment rather than in elements, and only need to be final assembly at the scene.Supporters in the construction technical prevention are encouraged to use modular construction methods through design technology prevention.

Modular building system

The open source and commercial hardware components used in the modular structure include: open beams, bit beams, MAKER beams, grid beams, Contraptor, OpenStructures components, … space framework systems (such as Mero, Unistrut, Delta structure, …) Design also tends to be modular. Other mutual lock materials used in the building can be used in nature, including/modularized, including mutual lock bricks.

Through modular building manufacturing, value creation has now entered the field of the construction industry. The advantage of speeding up time progress and improving the quality of building is just the beginning. When the industrial production module is continuously optimized in each new production, the real differences will become obvious. This can be achieved by optimizing design with the help of research and development, improving the assembly process and simplified procurement.

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