Knowledge about steel structure workshop

The steel structure workshop is mainly steel, including steel columns, steel beams, steel structure foundations, steel roofs, and steel lambouts.

After the steel structure workshop is installed, the structure shall not be changed, no bolts and other components shall be removed, and the partitions shall not be increased or reduced. If you need to change parts, you must negotiate with the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will determine whether it can be replaced. After the steel structure is used for about 3 years, it is necessary to perform paint maintenance to make the building aesthetically and safe. The steel structure workshop is partly connected by the steel structure, so electrical equipment such as wires should be isolated from wire grooves and ducts to prevent electrical shock

The cleaning and maintenance of the steel structure workshop must be carried out regularly, and under normal circumstances, it takes one year inspection and maintenance. When cleaning the exterior wall of the steel structure workshop, be careful not to move. Gelsive cleaning products such as steel ball balls and plate brushes shall not be used. When using water, rinse it from top to bottom. For steel structures with branches, leaves, and other objects, it should be cleaned in time to avoid unnecessary trouble in the backlog. If the metal plate surface of the steel structure workshop is damaged, it should be repaired in time to avoid corrosion of the surface of the metal plate on the surface of the sun and rain. If necessary, all these high -elastic nanomaterials can be used to protect metal roof panels and use effective heat insulation and waterproof functions to save indoor air conditioners.

The characteristics of the steel structure workshop are: 1. The steel structure has a light weight, high strength, and large span. 2. The steel structure construction cycle is short, and the investment cost is reduced accordingly. 3. Steel structure buildings have high fire resistance and corrosion resistance.

With the increase of my country’s steel output, many steel structure workshops have been put into use one after another, which can be divided into light steel structure workshops and heavy steel structure workshops. The industrial and civilian building facilities built with steel are called steel structures. Steel structure buildings are convenient to move without pollution.

The main points of the design of the steel structure workshop

Nowadays, the world is advocating energy conservation and environmental protection. The steel structure workshop project is fully in line with this concept. If no construction waste is generated, it can be reused multiple times without hazardous gases. Railway stations and other steel structure engineering are also used.


The construction area of the steel structure workshop is generally large, and the indoor lighting is improved through the sunroof during the day to save energy. To arrange the lighting board or lighting glass at the specific position of the metal roof, the service life of the sunroof should be considering the coordination of the use of the sunroof and the metal roof panel, and waterproof treatment at the connection between the sunroof and the metal roof panel.

Moisture -proof

Especially in the rainy season in the summer, preventing water vapor condensation in the bottom layer of the metal roof and the metal roof layer, and the water vapor in the metal roof layer is discharged. The solution is to fill the thermal insulation cotton in the metal roof layer, lay the waterproof film on the bottom plate of the metal roof, and have ventilated nodes on the metal roof panel.


During the use of steel structure workshops, fires are a major danger. The metal roof material does not burn when the steel structure workshop fires, and the flames will not penetrate the metal roof panel.

Lightning protection

In summer, thunderstorms. When designing, the steel structure workshop needs to lead lightning on the ground to prevent lightning cutting into the metal roof into the room.
Steel structure workshop and their characteristics and composition

The composition of the steel structure workshop refers to the world -famous Longmen steel frame. It can pass the connector through steel plates and hot rolled, cold bending or welding profiles. Light steel structure system. The door frame steel frame has mature technology in China and has been widely accepted by users. It has become the fastest -growing steel structure in China. The door -type steel frame steel structure workshop can be made into large span, large space, which is convenient for internal flexible layout and application. (The single -span steel door system can reach up to 80 meters in the single -span steel frame system. The span can reach 180 meters or even larger spans.) Steel structure equipment is mainly used to bear the load -bearing structure without large loads. Choose light -quality H -shaped steel (welding or rolling, cross -section or equal section) as a door -type steel frame support. The C -type and Z -shaped cold -curved thin -wall steel is used for PUR strips and wall beams. The roof and wall enclosure structure uses high -strength bolts, ordinary bolts, self -attack screws and other connector and sealing material assembly door steel frame steel structure system. The steel structure workshop has been used globally more reasonably and widely, especially in the field of steel structure construction projects in developed countries and regions. The steel structure workshop can be widely used in industrial workshops, purification workshops, warehouse warehouses, supermarkets, exhibition halls.

steel structure workshop

The steel structure workshop has the following characteristics: 1. The weight of the steel structure workshop is light, and the weight of the steel structure is only one -fifth of the brick -concrete structure. The steel structure workshop has high strength, large span, large space. 2. The steel structure workshop has good impact resistance and impact resistance. The steel structure workshop is rigid and strong. 3. The steel structure workshop has high refractory, high corrosion resistance, and high sealing performance. 4. Steel structure workshop investment is small, the steel structure workshop is easy to disassemble, and it can be used multiple times. It has good environmental protection and long structured life. Guangzhou steel structure 5. The industrialization level of the steel structure plant is high and can be quickly installed on the standard assembly line. 6. The steel structure occupies a small area and has a large construction area. Compared with the traditional concrete structure, the construction area increases by 4 % -8 %, which indirectly increases economic benefits. 7, the steel structure workshop is easy to transform during construction, such as steel bars, high -altitude connections, partitions and other internal cutting. It is relatively easy, flexible, and convenient.

According to the main framework of the steel structure plant, it is generally divided into six categories:

Door -type steel structure plant

The door -typesteel structure plant is directly referred to as the door frame system. The main axis of the factory building is perpendicular to the degree. It was once used to make a clip. This type of project is important to process the processing radius and axial levels with a small simple and simple simple machine.

Single -crossing steel structure plant

he steel structure plant is equipped with single -span racks of various ethnic groups, such as four -stroke -down switching knife racks or multi -station transfer towers.

Double cross -rack steel structure plant

The double -cutting steel structure factories of the double -crossing steel structure can also spread parallel, which can also be spread vertically with each other.

Circular steel structure plant

The horizontal steel structure plant is divided into steel structure level road rail horizontal factories and steel structure crooked road -rail horizontal plants. Its skewed road structure can make the plant have greater rigidity and easy to remove chips.

Top steel structure plant

The top steel structure plant is equipped with a general tail seat or steel structure tail seat. It is suitable for the whole machine with a long machine and a plate with a long diameter.

Carton -type steel structure plant

There is no tail seat in the cartridge steel structure plant, which is suitable for the whole machine (including short shaft). Most of the clamping forms are automatically controlled or liquid -mobilized. Most of the card structures have adjustable card claws or no quenching card claws (that is, soft card claws).

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