From what aspects to control prefab warehouse cost

Storage costs are mainly warehousing rents, storage depreciation, equipment depreciation, management fees, costs of cargo packaging materials, and loading and unloading costs. These six aspects have formed warehousing costs. Storage costs are very important for items management and are directly related to the price of the product.

Storage costs are very important in business activities. Most of the products need to produce warehousing costs in business activities. Some products are of a large proportion of warehousing costs due to the particularity of sales. Storage cost management is also a systematic management method, which can determine how high the final cost is. So efficient warehousing management is very important.

Storage rents occupy a very large proportion in storage costs. Compared with the other five aspects, rents are almost inevitable. However, warehousing rent can be reduced by efficient management methods. For example, efficient use of warehouses for reserve can reduce the proportion of storage costs in the product within a certain range, which is of great significance for the final profit margin.

Warehousing depreciation and device depreciation can also reduce costs through efficient utilization rates, but depending on what kind of industry is engaged, the depreciation rate of some industries has always been high. It is difficult to improve effectively and effective improvements. Essence

Management costs are certain. Although it is inevitable, it is an endable scope. The cost of the cargo packaging materials and the cost of decoration is proportional to the level of production and operation. If the level is high, then these costs will be increased accordingly. If the cost is reduced, it may not be possible to benefit business activities to benefit

prefab warehouse cost

There are the following measures to reduce the cost of storage:

  1. Reduce the risk of warehousing storage

The longer the material storage time, the greater the risk of its storage, the most effective means to reduce the risk of warehousing storage is to use the principle of “advanced first” to place all storage materials in order , To reduce the storage time of materials and reduce losses.

  1. Improve the use of warehouse capacity

The method of increasing the utilization of warehouse capacity includes two types of storage density and accelerated materials around materials. Increasing the storage density can increase the utilization rate of the unit’s storage area to reduce costs and reduce warehousing equipment investment. Several methods.

  1. Improve the efficiency of warehousing operations

If the warehouse positioning system operates efficiently, it can greatly save the search, store and remove time, save a lot of materialized labor and live labor, and prevent errors and facilitate the count.

  1. Improve the accuracy of warehousing operations

The use of advanced management models such as zero inventory for warehousing management, and the inventory is known to be in circulation and realizes the accuracy and minimization of inventory.

  1. Determine reasonable storage volume

The entire process from procurement to production to customers needs to go through several stages. Almost every stage needs to be stored. By analyzing the best storage of each logistics link from raw materials, semi -finished products, finished products, etc., analyze the analysis, analyze the analysis, analyze the analysis. The speed of replenishment of inventory, etc., makes the inventory level lowest, the warehouse is the smallest, and the space occupies the minimum.

  1. Optimize the storage layout

The sporadic storage points are concentrated together for unified management and direct distribution in the form of regional forms. This method is conducive to optimizing the warehousing layout.

On the other hand, maintaining and controlling inventory management through the principle of lean is the main trend of warehousing. In various areas of warehouses and distribution centers, these practices play a vital role in reducing the cost of storage. By continuously improved and committed to lean storage, including on -time inventory management, warehouse managers can achieve a significant decline in warehousing costs. These declines are mainly achieved by understanding the best advantages of effective inventory management and lean principles.

1) Effective inventory management reduces intangible waste

Time, energy, opportunity costs and space affect the overall cost of warehouse. Taking too much time on the selection label may lead to a decline in profits. Employees unnecessary to move around may lead to early fatigue and reduce order completion rates. At the same time, re -making and returns are also consuming profits.

2) Optimizing the product process is conducive to reducing the cost of the warehouse

While considering the product process, it is important to remember how a single product process affects the storage cost. The sudden selection label is called “wave” more vividly, and it will lead to the good attitude of workers. The cost of labor has soared in the interval, and the peak period becomes more and more expensive. Therefore, appropriate inventory control can solve this problem.

3) The principle of lean requires the joint efforts of the warehouse employees

To achieve a decline in warehousing costs, you must also consider the opportunity to lose in the warehouse. For example, is there a standard system management in proper location or rectification of warehouse products? If not, the cost may rise. However, storage optimization is not a simple task.

The optimization of storage must have the support of the company. All team members must recognize the necessity of storage optimization.

Although the automation system helps this process, the team is another source that can constantly ask questions and ask them to give feedback on the current storage optimization or picking trend. The system and get better inventory control. At the same time, invest in training and certification programs for your team to improve the satisfaction of employees and save costs.

Reduce warehouse management cost

labor force

In many traditional non -intelligent warehouses, labor costs are often large, and generally account for about 40%of the total operating costs. In addition to the conventional labor optimization methods such as survival of the fittest, a method of one liter and one drop is generally adopted to reduce the cost of the warehouse.

One liter refers to improving employee capabilities. Whether it is new employee training or regular training for old employees, it is an effective means to improve employee capabilities. It can not only improve employee work efficiency, but also avoid corporate losses caused by mistakes.

One drop is to reduce the error rate of employees. The warehouse is a place where the flow of personnel and the flow of goods is very frequent. Once the error occurs, the work efficiency will be reduced, and the heavy will cause damage to the goods or casualties. You can avoid errors on the spot by monitoring supervision and personnel inspectors.

Of course, the flow of goods in many warehouses is divided into the off -peak season. It is also necessary to avoid excessive labor tailoring, resulting in insufficient personnel in the peak season. It is best to prepare for the advance in advance according to the data of previous years.


The operating specifications include the use of warehouse tools and the specifications of operating processes.

The use of warehouse tools can generally get started quickly through the model of “system training+old employees”. The operation process specification is relatively complicated. Facing the complex in -library conditions, managers need to formulate different aspects of process systems to ensure the standardization of operations and improve operating efficiency. This is related to the management level of warehouse managers.

The transportation of goods in the library is like human blood. Once a certain part is wrong, it will cause the overall warehouse operation efficiency of the warehouse. Therefore, the operation specifications are also crucial.

Technical upgrade

In the past, the emergence of the assembly line machine was a reduction of dimensioning and anti -diminishing enterprises. Pure artificial production had nothing to show off except the spirit of craftsmanship. So now the automatic intelligent machine is also a kind of dimension -reduced dimension mode. Strike. In addition to comparing the cost of warehouses, in addition to the market, I also have to compare with the market. I do n’t have much to repeat the example of Kodak. Others use agency cannons. You still use a small dagger, and the result is self -evident.

Therefore, the most important factors for warehouse cost management in 2021 are technical upgrades. Whether it is the introduction of warehouse management systems such as WMS or the upgrading of warehouse operating tools such as sorting robots. While the artificial intelligence boom is swept, who can catch the limelight to walk ahead.

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