Will there be more and more people in the future tend to be steel structure villas?

, also known as that its main materials are light steel keels composed of cold -galvanized steel belts through cold -rolled skills. By calculating the support and combination of attachments, it has a reasonable carrying capacity to replace traditional houses.


1. The quality is very light, the stability is good, and it has very good earthquake resistance and wind and wind.

The production speed of light steel villas is 7-8 times that of general construction. Basically, it does not involve water use problems. It is dry construction. The weight of light steel villas may be only a quarter to one -sixth of traditional concrete construction, and the quality is very light. Its stability is excellent, and the house has very good earthquake resistance. Put a layer of insulation material on the outside of the wall so that you can reach the heating effect Advantages-AD-DISADVANTAGES-OF-LIGHT-STRUCTURE-House fruit, play a role in insulation and sound insulation.

2. The light steel material can also be used circular, green and environmentally friendly, and longevity.

Light steel villa life can reach more than 70 years, while the traditional brick -concrete structure is 50 years.

3. The steel structure is more diverse, the construction cycle is short, and the developer is relatively small.

At present, general owners will still choose traditional construction. This is only a mentality issue. In the future, according to the characteristics of some construction, the construction of steel structure will be more and more. With everyone’s understanding of the construction of steel structure, more and more people who have selected such buildings will be selected.

4. It is not necessarily purchased now, but in the future, it will be dry flow

From the perspective of purchase, steel The purchase unit price of the structure will not be better than the traditional construction, so people who tend to choose this aspect will still choose the direction of purchase based on the price and geographical location.

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