Why is the steel structure plant so popular

With the increasingly perfect application of the steel structure in the building, the mainstream construction technology has gradually formed, and it becomes the development beam pillar of the new architecture era. So why is the steel structure plant so popular? Compared with brick -concrete structures, steel structure buildings have obvious advantages in resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, physical and mental health, environmental protection, environmental protection and energy saving, high efficiency, and large -scale manufacturing.

Steel or slot steel for steel structure buildings instead of concrete structural raw materials, with higher pressure resistance, stronger durability, longer use period, and high cost performance. my country’s high-rise \”A4 waist\” (Guangzhou Xiaoman waist name) is generally composed of steel structures. It can resist the magnitude 7-8 earthquake, and it is solid and durable for 100 years! Because the steel component can be made largely, the accuracy is high and the assembly is convenient, which can greatly reduce the engineering period. Steel structure buildings almost do not cause urban garbage when disassembling, and are more low -carbon and environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is generally selected by various countries. Factory buildings, industrial zones office buildings, factory gates, parking sheds, fences, etc. can often be seen.

[Performance Advantages]

The cost of building a steel structure is relatively cost -effective, the construction speed is fast, the cycle time of all projects is short, the comprehensive nature of all projects, comprehensive nature The engineering cost of the steel structure plant is lower than that of the traditional mud -mixed industrial plant, which has anti -corrosion, insulation insulation, anti -leakage, light weight, and less basic investment.

[Dialogue length]

The overall performance of the steel structure plant is good, the reasonable layout of scientific norms, earthquake resistance, and high quality resistance performance Its safety performance is relatively high, and the durability, comfort, and noise reduction and sound and sound and sound are very good. The long -term use of steel structure factories, simple and convenient maintenance and maintenance.

[Animal Air]

The steel structure line frame is simple and smooth, quite modern. In the appearance, you can use color metal tiles and many colors of sandwiches. It has a beautiful appearance and generous air, with a sense of fashion and technology. The steel structure architecture itself is lightweight, Control-OF-Contract-Quality-OF-STRUCTURE-PLANGINEERING reduces basic cost fees. Far better than concrete buildings.

The common raw materials of the steel structure plant have recyclable, especially the core steel columns and steel beams of the steel structure plant can reach 100 % recycling and reuse.


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