When the steel structure owners buy materials themselves, what are the problems when choosing the material?

When buying the materials themselves, some owners only pay attention to the surface paint brush when they choose the materials. It feels like the weight is not heavy, which is unrealistic. This is a taboo for selection, so it can only be deceived.

A good paint brush is the result of superficial work, but the too light weight is not practical. Of course, the quality of this material is not guaranteed. You must avoid the choice of these materials. The selection of materials for learning is the right way.

In the construction of steel structure companies, the selection of materials can be said to be the pioneer of construction. How to choose good materials is also a major project in construction. Now large steel structure companies have professional selection departments, which shows how important materials are.

Business is not only responsible for designing and producing various steel structure accessories, but also the installation of steel structure. Generally speaking, the steel structure needs to be measured and pre -installed before construction. Generally speaking, the main points include:

1. According to the installation order and process requirements, prefabricated, prefabricated and assembly steel components on the steel platform.

2. The distance between the steel wing edge stitching joint and the stitching joint of the gastrointestinal should be greater than 200mm. The splicing length of the wing plate should not be less than twice the width of the board; the width and length of the stitching of the abdominal board should not be less than 300mm and 600mm, respectively.

3. In order to facilitate welding, according to the size of the construction map of the ground steel platform, try to weld the pillars and beams on the beam, connecting board, bottom plate, and cantilever beam.

4. Pre -steel components on the steel platform shall be assembled according to the construction drawings and specifications, and the on -site installation process and changes in the installation size shall be considered.

5. After installation, measure and test all aspects.

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