How to make a set of steel structure projects be selected safely from beginning to end?

, as the name suggests, is a structural engineering with steel as the main body. It is a steel beam, column and truss composed of steel and steel plates. Due to different materials, their connection methods are different, such as welding, bolts, rivets, etc. Including steel canopy, steel bridge, spiral staircase, etc. A set of qualified ones must not only be safe, but also design safety, must be constructed according to specifications, and so on. It is very important to make a set of steel structure projects safe from beginning to end.

Compared with concrete, the steel structure has many advantages, so the steel structure has been widely used. The stability of the steel structure means that the carrying capacity of the steel structure reaches the limit state and loses stability. In the project, there are many accidents caused by the disability of the steel structure. In order to fundamentally control the occurrence of steel structured accidents, it is necessary to understand the reasons why the steel structure is unstable.

1. The type and characteristics of the stability of the steel structure

Generally speaking, the stability of the steel structure can be divided into overall disability and local disability. In terms of performance, the stability of the steel structure can be divided into three categories.

The main results are as follows:

(1) The balance of bifurcation is unstable, and the balance instability is mainly caused by the full axis and external forces. Balanced fork is also known as fork -proof, which is the main problem of stable steel structure. Balanced disability also includes compression of cylindrical shells. In the problem of stability, there is a stable branch instability and unstable branch.

First, the stable split -out of stability refers to a stable balance state in the steel structure. When it is close to the critical state, the flexion and balance of the steel structure changes slightly, and the load will increase after deformation. Second, instability of instability splitting; second, instability of instability splitting unstable. Like the columns and overall shells with uniform external forces, the loss of stability is an unstable split fork, and it is also known as limited interference flexion, because it changes from semi -flexible balance to non -adjacent flexion balance under limited interference.

(2) Extremely disability: In the disability of the steel structure, the loss of stability of the extreme point is the second problem. Stablize. The loss of the extreme point also includes two -way bending components. Extremely unstable point is more common, such as initial bending or initial eccentric shaft heart compressive component components.

(3) The more unstable jumping, the more the balancing branch points, and there will be no extreme point, but there will be unstable problems. This structure is mainly a balanced form suddenly jumping to another balance form, which can lead to a large deformation. In actual engineering, this deformation is needed, because large deformation will destroy the steel structure.

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