What should I pay attention to in the design of steel structure plant?

The steel structure plant is very popular in the field of engineering construction, because he has the advantages of traditional Chinese architecture at the level of raw materials, construction and enclosure structure. However, you must also invest more energy in design funds. Under the premise of doing a good job, details cannot be ignored. For example:

1. Anti -leakage: In fact, the basic requirements for housing buildings need to meet the effect of anti -leakage. You must use a hidden fixation after using a sealing cushion at the screw port. The steel steel bars are connected to the reinforcement of the steel tile to be solved or welded. If possible, use the overall board to avoid the steel bars as much as possible, and the tide moisture -proof treatment is performed at various types of connection points. It must be marked in the steel structure architectural design engineering drawings.

When the steel structure plant is designed, a few key points cannot be ignored, and overall planning

2. Anti -gas pressure: steel structure plant building The wind resistance performance is also related to the fastening force and relative density of the fixed seat. Indoor designers should ensure that the metal roof panel is not broken by negative wind pressure.

3. sound insulation: sound insulation difficulties may be the anxiety of many people about steel structure engineering, but the sound insulation ingredients (usually insulated cotton) in the wall layer can get rid of the predicament Essence Naturally, the actual effect of sound insulation is correlated with the relative density of sound insulation raw materials and can be selected as required.

4. Natural ventilation: To ensure the exchange of indoor and outdoor gases, natural ventilation is required on the flat roof. When the steel structure plant is designed , Do the overall plan

5. Waterproof: The water vapor solidification is generally frozen at the bottom and inner layers of the flat roof, so the water vapor in the flat roof must be discharged. The solution is to fill the thermal insulation cotton in the wall layer; the waterproof film is paved on the ground, and the design scheme can be used on the board to make a ventilation point.

6. Loading: The steel structure plant has already

Elementor-1972 You need to consider the construction load, precipitation, snow load, and maintenance load. Therefore, the loading of the control panel, the cross -section of the plate, the compressive strength of the material, the method of transmission, and the spacing of the strip must be considered.

7. Lightning avoidance: Regardless of how many relatively high levels of house buildings are, we must also consider avoiding lightning strikes crossing steel structures into the room, especially metal material system steel structure projects.

8. Insulation and insulation: The heat insulation performance of the steel structure plant is closely related to the raw material, relative density, thickness of the insulation cotton, and avoid \u0026 amp;#34; heat Bridge \u0026 amp;#34; Status. When the steel structure plant is designed, a few key points cannot be ignored, and the overall planning should be made.

9. Light: When planning, you should consider deploying lighting tiles or lighting mezzanine glass at a certain part. Do a good job of moisture -proof with metal panels.


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