What are the characteristics of the steel structure covering the canopy?

What are the characteristics? Hebei came to tell you.

1. Seismic resistance of the canopy

Because the underlying community or villa is basically sloped roof, this sloping roof is generally made of triangular roofs made of cold bending steel structures. After the light steel components are seized, the structural plates and gypsum boards have formed a very sturdy plate rib structure system. This structural system seismic anti -seismic and anti -horizontal load effect is very good.

2. The wind resistance of the steel structure covering the canopy

The overall weight is relatively light, the intensity is high, and the overall steel is good. At any time, it can resist 60-70 meters per second to play a better protective role in the building.

3. The insulation of the steel structure covering the canopy

The materials used by the steel structure canopy are all thermal insulation, so the adjustment of indoor temperature It has a good effect.
Fire-ProTech-OF-STRUCTUR The system has good breathability, which can adjust the dry and humidity of the air in the house, so the roof ventilation effect is good.

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