The development of steel structure plant

The development process with you

Although China has achieved excellent achievements in the early days of iron structure, it stays in iron building for a long time The level of things. It was not until the end of the 19th century that my country began to use modernization. After the founding of New China, the application of steel structure has developed greatly, and it is far more than the past in terms of quantity or quality. The floor of the light steel structure is composed of a cold -curved thin -walled steel frame or a combination beam, a floor OSB structure plate, support, connecting parts, etc. The materials used are targeted particleboard, cement fiber board, and plywood. On these light -quality floors, 316-365 kg can be affected on these light floors.

How many architecture marks the economic strength of a country or a region What-IS-the-Difference-Between-I-Beam-H-Beam and economic development level Essence After entering 2000, my country’s national economy has increased significantly, and its national strength has increased significantly. Steel production has become a world country. In the building, it is proposed to \”actively and reasonably use steel\”. The number of developed areas has gradually increased. Especially Around 2008, under the promotion of the Olympic Games, a steel structure building boom and strong market demand appeared, which promoted the rapid development of steel structure buildings. Steel structure buildings have a world -class level in the production and installation technology, such as the National Stadium of the Olympic Games.

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