Tianjin color steel room steel structure is built, how much is one square meter of the roof of the plant

The construction of the steel structure of Tianjin color steel room, how much is one square meter of the roof of the plant

Tianjin steel structure color steel room, flexible structure, durable economy, strong antiseptic, saving energy, utilization rate High, short construction cycle, the company’s strict quality management ensures the high -quality and high -quality characteristics of the product, and selects excellent raw materials, Tianjin steel structure color steel room construction, color steel board room, temporary color steel room, color steel steel steel, color steel steel Block, steel structure color steel room, rock wool color steel room, color steel board sheds, and other series of products, so it is deeply trusted and praised by customers such as Tianjin and other places#

[ 123] Among them, the production and installation of labor costs per ton: material cost+loss of 3%+production 1000 to 1300, installation 400 to 600+ transportation+tax management fee, general standard factory building, color steel 3 to 10 yuan per square meter, specifically depending on version Type and difficulty, how much is the color steel tile in the factory building, usually 100-300 yuan per square meter, and small factory buildings range from 100 to 300. According to different requirements, the cost is different, as low as 300-400 yuan per square meter, as high as 800-1200 yuan per square or even higher. Generally speaking, the composite color steel plate baggage is 110 yuan per square meter


, the single board is 90 yuan per square meter. I am generally divided into two types: color coating and color steel tiles in Tianjin. The price of color coatings mainly depends on its thickness and paint film, 7 layers and other factors. The price of the specifications and the specifications, so how much color steel plate is one square meter, first of all, what kind of color steel tiles are considered to be about 13 yuan per square meter Report/feedback

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