The roof of the steel structure plant -light -like plate of steel skeleton

The steel industry is an important material basis for the development of the steel structure industry. In recent years, the technology development of my country’s steel industry has created unique conditions for the application of steel structures. In industrial buildings, the steel structure plant is favored by various manufacturers due to the advantages of light weight, large load load, and short construction cycle. The roof of the steel structure plant — light plate of steel skeleton has excellent properties such as light quality, earthquake resistance, moisture-proof, fire prevention, fireproof, insulation, energy saving, etc. Construction-Technology-OF-Large-SPACE-SLUCTURE-SLIDING -Method , and saves construction costs, so steel structure factories are more competitive than other types of industrial plants.

1. The characteristics of the steel structure plant are:

The steel structure building has a light weight, high strength, and large span.

The construction period of the steel structure building is short, and the cost of engineering is reduced to a certain extent.

The steel structure has high fire resistance, stable performance, and strong corrosion resistance.

The steel can be recycled almost 100%. Almost all steel products are recyclable and can be re -made into other steel products, or other metals. The light steel structure does not have the impact of other industries on the environment.

2. The characteristics of the light plate of the steel skeleton are:

Light quality: The weight of the steel skeleton light plate is only 1/ 4. The core plate uses modified cement perlite composite core materials. It is a core material made of expanded perlite, light ceramic grain, modified cement and unique additives in a certain proportion, also known as \”foam cement\” light and energy -saving Material.

durability: the light -like plate of the steel skeleton consists of inorganic material, strong anti -aging ability, can effectively resist high temperature resistance, can also resist the erosion of water and fire, freezing and fusion cycle of 100 Second, the volume and intensity are almost unchanged, and the service life is more than 50 years.

Fire prevention: The fire resistance limit of the light plate of the steel skeleton is more than 2 hours, the fire resistance is far exceeding the color steel plate. In recent years Replace most of the color steel plates on the market.

Insulation: The main filling material of the steel skeleton light plate core material is perlite (the light small particle material formed by the high temperature burning through the high temperature of the salt ore), through cement and foaming agent Pressure and mixing form a thermal insulation material, which can be used for the exterior wall insulation wall building.

Discovery: The light -like plate of the steel skeleton can meet the fragmented requirements of special building roofs and walls. Experiments have proved that the steel skeleton skeleton of the explosion of the steel skeleton will be retained on the main structure of the building, and the core material is leaked rapidly, which not only achieves the purpose of the explosion, but also reduces the risk of explosion.

At present, the steel skeleton light board is being applied to a large number of industrial factories. According to the current trend: there is no doubt that the steel structure will become the mainstream building of the factory plant in the near future! ##


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