The reinforcement method of steel pillars in steel structure processing

Any product can be widely used except for its own use function, but it is inseparable from the auxiliary materials of the product. For example, when using it, the function of the processing of its processing will always be with the reinforcement of the steel column. It is very connected, so if you want to use the corresponding application function during the use of the structure, you need to reinforce the steel column. What is the reinforcement method of the steel column? Let us take a look.

1. Pillar feet reinforcement method

1. Lack of reinforcement methods for the thickness of the pillar feet

Increase the pillar foot and ribs to reach the purpose of reducing the bending moment of the bottom plate to account for bending momentum. Essence Pour the concrete between the pillar -footed steel to make the pillar sole plate a rigid block. In order to increase the adhesion, the appearance of the pillar feet and the rust should be organized.

2. The lack of reinforcement method of the pillar foot anchor

Added additional anchor bolt. Choose when the foundation of concrete is more vast. Drill the holes on the bottom of the concrete, pierce the additional anchor embolism, pour epoxy mortar, and wrap the entire pillar feet with reinforced concrete. The new reinforcement should be extended into the bottom of the roots and welded with the original reinforcement in the bottom.

2. The pillar unloading method

When the demand is reinforced or replaced in the load, the \”supporting beam changes\” method is adopted. In the steel structure processing, when the upper column is only required, the crane beams can be used to support the roof of the crane beams to make the pillar unload. When the current pillar demand reinforcement or process demand intercept the lower column, a long -lasting beam can be set under the crane beam, and the upper pillar load (including the crane beam load) is in charge of the neighboring column (requiring the neighboring column and reinforcement, and also the reinforcement, and also the reinforcement, and also the reinforcement. To test the bottom).

After using this method, it should be considered that after using the beam instead of the lower column, the beam will produce a certain degree of deflection, forcing the original house to sink, and then the connection node connected to the roofs connected to this roof can be damaged. To this end, the load can be added to the beam in advance, so that the beam can be pre -deflered. The order of this method is to strengthen the neighboring column, the welding support beam and the neighbor column, add temporary load, welded support beam and middle column, unload the temporary load, reinforce or intercept the lower column.

3. The reinforcement method of the steel column

1. The cross -section of the pillar. In the steel structure processing, the section of the column is generally used for steel plates or steel, and welding or bolts are used to connect with the original column into a whole.

2. Add support. Add support to reduce the length of the column to improve the ability to carry. The stability of the column has been improved in the case of unchanged section scale.

3. Make a brief map to reduce the load or internal force of the column.

4. The reinforcement of the steel concrete around the steel column can be obviously improved.

In summary, it is the reinforcement method of the Chinese steel column. Trust us to have a certain understanding of its reinforcement methods. The operation process is performed, and then the structure of the structure can be fully issued. Treatment, not sloppy, so that it can ensure its firmness.

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