The prevention and control of the quality of large steel structure factories

The cost of steel structure plant engineering is generally used for steel per square meter, and it is directly talked about how much money per square meter is measured to measure. The so -called \”medium -sized steel structure industrial plant\” cannot accurately estimate the cost of the project. \”Medium level\” is not a standard. The key to the construction cost of the steel structure plant is related to the following main parameters:

1: Total construction area

2: Steel structure span

3: Is there a lifting machine (a crane tonnage)

4: Ranking structure (open, closed)

Generally, the construction steel volume of the light steel structure industrial plant (a crane tonnage within 10 tons) is 35kg per square meter 35kg per square meter within.

The following belongs to the defense of large and medium -sized steel structure industrial plant construction supervision and quality problems

Convergence practical work describes large and medium -sized steel structures In the construction of industrial plant engineering construction supervision work, many good levels should be given, and their views on how to prevent the quality of the steel structure.

The theory of steel structure was one of the \”Top Ten New Technology Applications of the Construction Industry\” in 2005. This technology has been widely used in large and medium -sized factories and commercial buildings.

1. Supervisor engineers should deeply understand the use of engineering projects and design intentions, clearly put forward technical suggestions, and do a good job of \”technical majors\” strictly.

The steel structure has the characteristics of strong strength, light weight, good earthquake resistance, faster engineering construction, etc. At the same time, it also has strict accuracy requirements. Flaves such as good, poor corrosion resistance. Master the use of the projects, process standards and design intentions, select the structure of the steel structure, the data application clearly put forward technical professional suggestions. The value of engineering supervision has a lot of assistance.

1.1 Practice: Key grasp the light, natural ventilation, sound insulation noise insulation insulation standards and fire prevention standards for key grasp. Some industrial factories stipulate the constant temperature and humidity equipment, equipped with home central air conditioners, and the use of ordinary lightweight wall panels is obviously not to meet the requirements; some industrial plants have more workers in some industrial plants, or outdoor work must be increased. Natural ventilation regulations are very important; there are also industrial plants that are likely to have water vapor or strong acid and strong alkali etching vapor, and it is necessary to carefully complete the use of the roof and beams and columns.

1.2 Application regulations: Whether the industrial plant is equipped with a crane, the placement of the production line equipment in the production workshop, and the setting of the assembly line setting. Structural selection, the selection of columns and beams of building steel and unilateral economic data of buildings are related. Under normal circumstances, when the span of the plant exceeds 30m and is not equipped with a crane, it is advisable to choose the steel mesh structure, and its unilateral cost -effective light steel structure can be reduced by 5 to 10 %.

1.3 Craft standards: Key grasped whether there are special requirements for the construction of the production process, will it affect the steel structure, such as vibration load, building height and fire safety requirements, etc. ;

2. Supervision engineers should carefully check the relevant qualifications of steel structure design and construction enterprises, and pay attention to strict supervision from the source.

2.1 Mastering the current status of steel structure design and construction enterprises: The field of light steel structure engineering construction is currently in a period of rapid growth, but still unfamiliar. Therefore, there are few well -known enterprises and more small and medium -sized enterprises. Although many steel structure production companies also have some designers, they have different quality, and some do not have engineering design qualifications. On the contrary, some planning institutes have engineering design qualifications, but designers have very few steel structures, their professional capabilities are more capable of more professional capabilities. Weak;

2.2 Pay attention to different levels of steel structure and steel mesh structure: Steel structure and steel mesh structure are different from related qualifications. The key difference is two , Three -level construction enterprises. The second-level construction enterprise is capable of spanning 30m. The following weight is 100


0T The following steel structure engineering engineering He is a steel grid structural project with a total weight of 70M and a total weight of 300T, with a total weight of 300T, with a total construction area of \u200b\u200bless than 5000m2; the third -level company can bear the total weight of 20M below 20m. Steel structure engineering engineering with a single building area of \u200b\u200b5000m2 and steel grid structure projects with a total weeks of 20M, a total weight of 100T, and a total construction area of \u200b\u200b1000m2.

3. Quality management of steel structure

In the design, production and assembly of steel structure design, production and assembly, \”accuracy manipulation\” In order to cut in, pay attention to \”fine and fine\”. Supervisor engineers should pay attention to the following aspects:

3.1 Precision measurement and manipulation: In the steel structure production and installation steps, its detection instruments and special tools need to be tested by the technical supervision department for testing department. At the same time, it should be noted that the accuracy of the use of this instrument and equipment is consistent with the specification of steel structure manufacturing.

3.2 Process control: In the production of steel structures, high -precision processing processes must be adopted, and many deformations in each process process must be predicted to avoid countermeasures. If the closure of welding welding is generated, the capacity is needed to be released. Small -shaped electric welding welding and fully automatic symmetry welding process.

3.3 embedded manipulation: The embedded foot screw is the core work task of the steel structure assembly construction site. It is necessary to stipulate the construction enterprise to write a safe construction plan and accurately engineering construction. Under normal circumstances, before the irrigation of the construction enterprise, the supervision engineer should carry out a closed precise measurement and inspection of the buried screws. In addition to the measurement of the horizontal and vertical center line, the design elevation inspection must also be performed. Before the irrigation, re -test and inspection should be re -test to ensure accurate embedding of the foot screws.

3.4 Lauding and manipulation: Steel structure assembly generally adopts a flat map assembly method, with high accuracy requirements. Generally, pre -assembly assembly is carried out at the specific working situation of construction sites at the construction site. When the assembly is deviated, you must carefully find out the reason and take the corresponding countermeasures for repair.

3.5 Anti -corrosion and fire safety spray manipulation:

(1) Anti -corrosion spraying: The anti -corrosion of the steel structure is mainly divided into anti -atmospheric corrosion corrosion Two two types of corrosion of the soil. The plating layer is generally divided into four layers: facial paint, transition layer, inner layer and concrete cushion. In addition to manipulating the thickness of the coating and its spray painting process, the supervisor engineers must also master the basic characteristics of various spraying raw materials, and carry out effective management of engineering projects in construction. When the coastal cities and the lasting regions of sunshine, we must consider choosing the paint to block ultraviolet and saline and acid corrosion.

(2) Fire safety spraying: The fire safety requirements of the steel structure are very high, and the fire resistance level is closely related to the fire prevention level. Under the same fire prevention level, the beams, columns, machines, etc. are different The refractory level of the component is different. However, during the construction process, each component is usually as thin and thick -fire coatings. It is very easy to leave safety risks. Supervisor engineers should pay full attention to this matter. Careful inspections of fire prevention level and thin fire coating.

4. Engineering construction safety management

Construction safety production responsibility system is valuable, but it is more important to check safety prevention measures Whether it is really timely. First, the supervision engineer must stipulate that the construction enterprise will carry out safety base and safety education on workers, and the traffic supervision engineer prepares after signing.

In particular, the safety base and safety cultural education in the half -way car are in place. Carry out high places with faults. This is the interview with high -altitude operators before going to work every day;

Third, it is necessary Is it a safe protection network? Especially when the roof is installed, because the color of some thermal insulation materials is similar to that of the roof color, it is easy to occur accidentally accidental accidents.

5. Prevention of quality problems

Displayed foot screw bias:

(123] ( 1) Reasons for formation:

1) There is no precise and timely time when embedded;

2) Press and move when irrigation; [123 ]

3) The impact displacement caused by construction machinery and equipment;

(2) Prevention method:

[ 123] L) When the positioning of the embedded foot bolts, if the large factory building is measured from the first central line to the later central line, it is usually easy to produce a total deviation, so it should be measured to be measured on both sides.

2) It is best not to connect with the reinforced steel bars in the 硂 system. The seam steel pipe is fixed. After the end of 硂 irrigation, re -test should be carried out immediately to find the error properly handled;

3) After the embedded, the ground foot bolt will be available in time Construction;

5.2 Component assembly error:

1) The component has a variable after transportation and accumulation;


2) Expression deformation occurs after hanging;

3) The cumulative error value in the installation;

(4) Prevention and treatment Method:

L) The component should take corresponding guarantee measures during loading and transportation, and the unloading must be flattened;

2) The lifting site of large and medium -sized components needs to be calculated and determined; when several cranes are simultaneously operated, they must be commanded uniformly to stabilize the lifting;

3) When assembling, you need to divide from the middle to both sides, and improve the measurement of the whole process. After you notice the error, you must find the reason and debug it. If you find that the error is too large in the installation step The scheme is treated with technical prevention measures. There is a single -story factory building in a construction site in Zhongshan. When the steel structure beam is decorated, it is found that the error is too large. The construction unit uses the use of a stranded pull -up device to improve the effect of the structural imbalance. Fortunately, it does not cause casualties.

5.3 Steel beam vertical error:

(1) Formed cause: After the steel beam is lifted, the pillar pads are not matched in time OK, or the pad board is uneven;

(2) Prevention method: After the steel beam is lifted, the steel pads are immediately changed in the four directions of the concrete column to avoid steel to avoid steel to avoid steel to avoid steel Liangjia and post -imbalanced changes. After accurately measured the calibration, be sure to carry out secondary grouting and ensure the quality of grouting;

5.4 flat roof and drainage groove water:


(2)防治方法:屋面漏水多发于屋面与采光瓦、 The steel bars between ventilation and cooling equipment are connected, so the above parts are faced with the key pairs. Except for the drainage ditch seepage, except for the overlapping part of the steel bars, it is necessary to pay attention to the roof extension to accept the side without ditch, to avoid precipitation into the room. At the same time, pay attention to the drainage pipe hat in the drainage groove. Flat tube caps to avoid causing drainage pipes to be blocked;

5.5 crane beam shake

(1) Reasons for formation: crane beam spring cushion tablets Loose, or fix the fixed bolt loosening;

(2) Control method: The thick steel plate spring pads of the crane beam are generally stipulated on the beef leg according to the engineering drawings. What is the quality of welds? Supervisor must be checked to ensure the quality. For fixed screws, check all one by one.

6. Conclusion

The development trend of the steel structure is rapid and the industry is cheerful. With the extensive use of steel structure, large and medium -sized steel structures The larger the technical level, the higher and higher the accuracy of production, processing, and assembly, and the quality of product quality will get more and more attention. Supervisor engineers should pay close attention to the application of new technology, new technologies, and new methods, establish a good quality awareness, focus on the big place, and everyone must be necessary to implement process management practically and feasible. In good quality and risk management and control work, we must also pay attention to process management and results. Only in this way can we control the quality and avoid safety accidents.


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