The main characteristics of steel structure


Wind resistance.

Light weight, high strength, good overall stiffness, and strong deformation ability. The self -weight of the building is only one -fifth of the brick -mixed structure, which can resist the hurricane of 70 meters per second to effectively protect the property of life.

Seismic performance.

Most of the roofs on the low -level are sloped roof, so the roof structure is basically a triangular roof system made of cold -bent steel components. After the light steel component closed structure plate and gypsum board, a very strong plate rib structure system is formed. The structural system has a strong seismic resistance and strong horizontal load capacity. It is suitable for areas with earthquake resistance above 8 degrees.

sound insulation.

The sound insulation effect is an important indicator for evaluating the house. The windows installed by the light steel system are hollow glass, and the sound insulation effect is good. -Application-in -ngineering 0 or more light steel keels and the wall sound insulation effects composed of gypsum boards composed of gypsum boards reached 60 decibels.


The insulation material used is mainly glass wool, which has good thermal insulation effects. Use the exterior wall insulation board, cold bridge phenomenon to achieve better thermal insulation effects. The thermal resistance value of about 100mm thick R15 insulation cotton is equivalent to 1M thick brick wall.


Drying construction can reduce the pollution of waste on the environment. House steel structure materials can be recycled, and other auxiliary materials can also be recovered. All materials that meet the current environmental consciousness are green building materials, which meet the requirements of ecological environment requirements. It is good for health.


The light structure consists of a cold -bent and thin -wall steel component system. The steel bone is made of ultra -corrosion and high -intensity cold -rolled -galvanized plate. It effectively avoids the corrosion of the steel plate in the construction and use process, extending the light steel components of the light steel components Life life. Structural life can reach 100 years.


The light steel wall adopts high -efficiency energy -saving system, which has breathing function and can adjust the dry and humidity of the indoor air. The roof has ventilation function, which can form a flowing air room over the roof to ensure the ventilation of the roof.

Introduce the advantages and disadvantages.


1. Steel -structured houses can better meet the requirements of flexible separation between the big open room than traditional buildings. By reducing the cross -sectional area of \u200b\u200bthe column and the use of lightweight wall plates, the area utilization rate can be increased, and the effective use area of \u200b\u200bthe indoor can be increased by about 6%.

2. The energy saving effect is good. The wall uses lightweight and energy -saving standardized C -type steel, square steel, and mezzanine plate. Energy -saving 50%

3. The use of steel structure systems in residential buildings can give full play to good steel structured ductility, strong plastic deformation capacity, excellent seismic resistance and wind and wind, greatly improving the safety and reliability of the house. Especially in the case of earthquakes and typhoon disasters, the steel structure can avoid the collapse and damage of the building.

4. The total weight of the building is light, and the steel structure residential system is light and light, which is about half of the concrete structure, which can greatly reduce the basic cost.

5. The construction speed is fast, and the construction period is at least one -third of the traditional residential system. A 1000 -square -meter building is completed by 20 days and 5 workers.

6. Good environmental protection effect. During the construction of steel structured housing, the amount of sand, stone, and ash has been greatly reduced. The materials used are mainly green, recycled or decomposed materials. When the building is removed, most materials can be reused or decomposed without garbage.

7. Flexibility and richness. The design of the big open room, the indoor space can be divided into multiple solutions, which can meet the different needs of users.

8. Meeting the requirements of residential industrialization and sustainable development. Steel structure is suitable for large -scale production of factories, with high degree of industrialization. It integrates advanced products such as energy saving, waterproof, insulation, doors and windows, and integrates design, production and construction in one to improve the level of industrial construction.


One, complexity.

The complexity of quality problems is mainly manifested in many factors that cause quality problems, and the reasons for quality problems are also complicated. A quality problem is sometimes different. Therefore Judgment and processing increases complexity. For example, welds can occur in welded metals, under the heat effects of the mother material, can occur on the welding surface, or in the welding inside. The direction of the crack can be parallel to the welding channel, or it can be perpendicular to the welding tract. The cracks can be cold cracks or hot cracks. The reason also includes improper selection of welding materials, preheating welding, or improper fever.

Second, variability.

With external changes and time extension, construction quality problems will also change, and quality defects will gradually occur. For example, the welding of steel components produces cracks without cracks due to changes in stress: there is a hydrogen activity after welding, which will produce delayed cracks. In addition, if the component is overload for a long time, the steel component will be bent and deformed by the steel component, causing danger.

Three, severity.

The severity of the construction quality of steel structure project generally affects the smooth progress of construction, delayed construction periods, increased costs, severe cases collapsed, personal casualties, property damage, and adverse society.

Four, frequentity.

Modern buildings in my country are mainly concrete structures, and the managers and technicians engaged in construction engineering are far from the production and construction technology of steel structure. The construction method is frequent during construction.

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