Process of high -rise steel structure installation construction

represents a new model of future residential development. Its advantages are: greatly saving construction time, not affected by seasons; increasing the area of \u200b\u200bresidential space; reducing construction waste and environmental pollution, reused construction materials; pulling the development of other new building materials industries; good shock resistance; use in use in use Easy to transform, flexible and convenient; bring comfort and so on.

1. Process flowchart for production and installation before high -rise construction

2. Reasonably divide the construction flow section;

Installation order;

4. In the case of allowing the lifting capacity of the crane, the structure that can fight on the ground should be worked as much as possible in the ground, such as steel columns and steel support, steel truss group, etc., can be lifted at a time Putting in place;

5. Install the flow section, which can be divided according to the range of object plane shape, structure, construction period, on -site construction conditions, and the number of installation machinery; The plane should be developed from the middle core area, that is, the standard room frame, and the vertical direction should be installed from bottom to top;

7. Flowing section, component installation, correction, and fixed practice (including reservation


After welding and shrinking and determining, the general component will be welded in order: the plane should develop symmetrically from the middle to the surrounding area. 8. Each layer of the pillar is installed and immediately install the stairs and pressure steel plates. The stacked cannot exceed the load of the beam board.

9. The construction of the steel component and the construction of the steel concrete of the building, two items, two items, two items, two items, two items. The operation should not exceed 5 floors; when it must exceed 5 floors, it should be determined by the supervisor designer.

The above is an introduction to the installation process of high -rise steel structure


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