How to calculate the price of steel structure car shed

The price of

Steel is related to what styles, area, and difficulty you are to do.It is cheaper than imported.

What are the types of car sheds

1) The steel structure of the steel structure can be divided into: car sheds, sunny board car sheds, endurance board car sheds.

2) Color steel version of the tile shed: Color steel tiles have diverse colors. The commonly used colors are grass -green and white, and their weight is light, which can reduce the risk of collapse due to stormy snow.Installation is used to avoid rain leakage.

3) Sunshine board car shed: The top material of the shed is sunny board, while the sunboard has light transmission, anti -impact, UV prevention, light weight, bending, sound insulation, energy saving, temperature, temperature, temperature, temperatureStrong adaptability.

4) Endurance board car shed: The top material of the shed is the endurance board, while the endurance board has resistance to impact, not broken, the intensity exceeds the enhanced glass and acrylic boards by hundreds of times, tough, safe, anti -theft, bulletproof effect TOP-TEN-Impressive-Metal-Buildings Guojia.

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