Jiamus Steel Structure Factory Test

1. The purpose of the test of steel structure plant:

The purpose of the steel structure plant detection is to determine the safety and durability of the structure during construction and use.

2. The content of the steel structure plant test:

1. Materials of the steel structure: including the plate number and quality certificate of steel; [[[[[[[ 123]

2. The geometric size deviation and form tolerance of the component;

3, the carrying capacity of the transformation of the component section;

4. The strength of the component deformation.

5. The combination of load effects combination analysis and power characteristics calculation, etc.;

6. Review the connection structure requirements and design methods.




[ 123] 1. Inspectors should be familiar with the schedule of the inspection project and related specifications, and the inspection results must be recorded and signed.

2. On -site inspection shall be implemented in accordance with the \”General Sample Plan for the Initial Inspection and Batch of Building Structure\”. When an abnormal phenomenon is found or further verification is required It is stipulated that the relevant procedures can continue to be checked.


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