Improve the fire performance of the steel structure plant

When designing, the stability that should be considered should be focused on strengthening the stability of the steel structure by changing the structure. According to the distribution of the steel structure, the load, node performance and transmission method are reasonably changed, and measures such as increased rod support, prestress and spatial synergy work.

2. Improve the fire resistance of the house.

Steel directly affects the refractory resistance of the steel structure plant. Due to the high temperature of steel, its strength will be significantly reduced in high temperature environment, resulting in deformation or even failure. Therefore, it is necessary to make the refractory capacity of the steel structure plant reaching a large limit and avoid immediately collapse during fire. In addition to improving the fire resistance of the steel structure plant, the spraying method can also be used to improve the fire resistance of the steel structure, change the steel structure and gold phase tissue, and improve the refractory and weather resistance of the steel structure. In the construction, the refractory resistance of the steel structure can also be used to improve the steel structure, and the thickness of the spray coating can be used reasonably. The spraying method is an effective construction method. The construction speed is fast, and it is particularly suitable for complicated steel components. However, there are disadvantages such as rough surfaces and difficulty cleaning. During construction, some design methods need to be modified.

The rust -proof process.

The surface of the steel structure plant is directly exposed to the atmosphere, which is easy to rust. The existence of humid environment and corrosive media will accelerate the corrosion of the steel structure plant. Therefore, in the design of the steel structure plant, it is necessary to pay attention to the rust -proof treatment problems of each component, combine the corrosive media and environmental conditions of the steel structure, strengthen the design of the steel structure, process layout, and material selection to ensure the experimental period of the test period. Structure is safe. Considering the differences in environmental and coating characteristics, the number and thickness of the coating of rust -proof primer and top paint are performed to give full play to the rust -proof effect of coating.

Four, roof and support design.

In order to improve the overall stiffness of the steel structure plant, ensure the overall stability, and avoid problems such as excessive deformation of steel structure components and unstable rods. The steel structure support system requires a reasonable form, equipment layout, temperature segment length and other factors to ensure that it is stable and reliable. However, due to the stable column between the temperature segment of the steel structure plant, the support system should be set up, and the horizontal horizontal support of the roof should be coordinated. The lower column support of the steel structure plant needs to be set in the middle of the temperature area, so that the crane beam and other components can be freely expanded to both ends of the section with the change of temperature. At present, the steel roof is mainly composed of a rigid roof composed of two -layer color pressure -type steel heating cotton.

Reasonable design of temperature telescopic joints.

At the steel structure site, temperature changes will cause deformation and produce temperature stress. In the case of large plane size at the steel structure, in order to avoid large temperature stress, the temperature telescopic joints need to be set up reasonably in the two directions of the steel structure site. Usually, by setting up dual-pillar entry Construction-Process-AD-STEPS-OF-STRUCTURE-Workshop , temperature telescopic joints can be set on the roof stand.

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