If you don’t buy it, you will rise again. The latest batch of second -hand steel structure plant information is here

Second-hand steel structure factory information

35 cross-big beams

Specification: 550-900/200/6/10

] One building of second -hand steel structure:

[50m wide 132m high 9m high]

One ridge two spines, which can carry 10 tons of 10 tons Driving

Point 6 -meter C -type steel 160

Second -hand steel structure driving A house:

44M length 108m height 9m

One ridge two spans 10 tons of driving


The spacing is 6 meters, C160

Shandong Linyi pick -up

48m span of 20 large beams

[123 ]


A second-hand steel structure library house:

[ 123]

Width 36m length 72m height 6m

Kaima 9m 檩 Z -shaped steel 250

Shanghai pick -up




[ 123]

Pinncing shelves:

layer height 1.8mx5 layer

pallet 1.1×1.2m





[ 123]

Bevere \u0026 lt; 1.3 tons

Pocket second -hand steel structure driving room:

Width 16m long 36m high 9M

Pillar 400/200/10

Liang 350/175/10

The driving beam 400/200/12

Kaima 6m galvanized C -shaped steel

Shandong pick -up

second -hand second -hand A large housing of the steel structure:

84.5m length 162m height 9m

A ridge four spans 21mx4

Open room 9M 檩 Z -shaped steel 250

Shanghai pick -up

Straight bar 350/175

Long: 5.7 meters, a total of 104 branches

Linyi pick -up

Standard driving house 1 Building:

50.5 meters long 82 meters high 10 meters high

One ridge double span, open room 9m


90 % new! Carrying 10 tons of driving

Shanghai pick-up

Straight bar 500x250x8x12

length 8-11m measurement 58 branches

Suzhou pick -up

200 galvanized C -type steel 1000 support

6m long [ 123]

Shanghai pick -up

Standard single -span second -hand steel structure warehouse

Width 25m length 180m high 7m height 7M

The 6 -meter -galvanized C160 of the opening room

Zhejiang pick -up


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