Factory steel structure refurbished anticorrosive

Factory steel structure refurbished anti -corrosion construction plan

(1), the construction condition construction temperature should be above 10 ° C (better above 15 ° C) construction and solidification before it can only be constructed and solidified. Work properly. The surface temperature of the workpiece must also be higher than this limit. The temperature of the paint itself should be higher than 15 ° C to ensure normal construction performance. Construction and drying in the narrow space should be ventilated.

(2), the design of the coating process design and the choice of coating varieties to ensure the basis of coating performance, and the coating process is to affect coating performance and quality The important factor, a good coating process is the key to the success of successful anticorrosive effects.

1. Coating preparation:

(1) Before preparing the coating, you should check whether the type and name of the paint meet the requirements of the use;

(2) After the paint is opened, stir well;

(3) The container of the preparation of the coating must be clean;

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(4) Double component coatings. Before use, the components A and B are fully stirred according to the prescribed proportion until each of the components of the coating is mixed evenly, and it can be used after cooked chemistry according to the prescribed time. Generally, it can be used; For 15 minutes;

(5) The coatings can be adjusted to the applicable viscosity according to the appropriate amount of diluents according to the coating method, working temperature and humidity. Do not allow changes at will;

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(6) The coating interval of the coating of the bottom paint is 4-6 hours.

2, painting operation

(1) The first paint of painting for 4-6 hours after surface treatment;

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(2) The construction method is mainly brushing.

3. Note

(1) The coatings should be stored in places where ventilation, avoid direct sunlight, stay away from fire sources, and appropriate temperature;

(2) The coating must be painted strictly in accordance with the coating process requirements provided by the coating manufacturer;

(3) Perform the temperature and humidity range required by the coating variety;

(4) The part that does not need to be painted should be protected to avoid the attachment of the coating;

(5) The coating after preparation must be used within the specified time, and the coatings exceeding the applicable period are prohibited;

(6) The surface treatment did not meet the requirements, and the construction was prohibited; [ 123]

(7) There must be no bright fire absorbing pharyngeal at the construction site. Waste and waste waste must be concentrated in a dedicated box to destroy them uniformly.

(3), the requirements and detection of the quality of anticorrosive coating

1. There should be no shortcomings such as pores, cracks, no severe flowing, falling off, leakage and other defects. In addition to detecting the above items, coating requires that the color is uniform.

2. Testing method: Observe with the naked eye or 5 times large mirror, if you find the pores, cracks, shedding, and leakage, you must reinstate or apply it to allow a small amount of slight flowing hanging hanging to hang up. Exist that the main large planes are not allowed.

3. The requirements of the coating thickness must meet the design regulations:

(1) The thickness of the coating measurement of the magnetic thickness measurement instrument or Horizontal rod type thick meter;

(2) Measurement method: After each paint is applied, the thickness of the dry membrane must be checked, and the total thickness of the coating must be checked when the construction is completed.

(3) The requirements and detection of the adhesion of the coating;

(4) After the entire coating system is completed, it takes seven days to do it;

(5) Testing method: The paste method is to use a sharp special knife, draw a fork on the membrane, the angle of the fork is 60 ° C, the knife marks are divided into the steel plate, and then the paste is pasted. Specify the tape on the top. The tape is tightly painted, and then quickly pulls up the tape. When the thickness of the dry membrane is lower than 120mm, the total width of the coating of the two sides of the knife marks does not exceed 2mm, that is, the qualification is not qualified. When the thickness of the dry membrane is greater than 120mm, it is not more than 3mm.


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