What are the benefits of metal building homes and disadvantage?

Light steel structure houses are also called metal frame houses. The construction process follows the same building structure as wood structures.

Obviously, they differ in the materials used. For metal frame houses, metal I-beams form the support of the structure, not wood nails.

metal buildings

Advantages of metal buildings

The main advantage of the following is the house composed of selected metal frames.

Metal builders save labor costs for you

Underground water secretly occupies land, which is an important part of housing construction. This is no longer what.Time in construction is money, so your building can take up a lot of money before or before the light construction date.

When you use the last available steel structure, you will encounter a particularly important market structure. In most cases, each structure of these buildings will be directly transported to your work.In addition, they will be marked for easy identification; This means you can buy it now.

Metal is stronger and more durable than biology

There is no doubt that metal is a stronger material than animals. Therefore, metals can withstand rain and wind better than strong creatures.Even insects such as acid, rain termites and other more special elements are usually harmful to protection and are not a big deal for metal buildings.The wear resistance of metal or rock type is also why metal is more common and needs maintenance due to the impact of other types of environmental protection.

Non combustible steel structure building

You must pay attention to the different risks associated with ecology, which means that there is no fire.For this reason, metal construction is a good way to reduce insurance costs.Well, some people are worried about danger, but they will say in a flight accident that the steel frame may damage the metal structure. Well, it may happen.The appearance change of metal will only occur 130 minutes after the temperature exceeds 1300 minutes.In 20 minutes, the strength and temperature of the metal even exceed 1300 degrees, but it may also decrease, but it is only a temporary change. If these are extinguished by the fire, the steel will show its performance before the fire, even if the structural steel spectrum is deformed.

Metal buildings are suitable for different types of insulation systems

Compared with other structures, metal houses can produce better heating and insulation systems. This means that they are more energy efficient than houses built with and most other materials. Perfect insulation with steel frame houses includes widely used and loosely filled types.

Here are the disadvantages of houses made of metal frames

Corrosion of metal frame,A particular problem in nearby areas is their chance of rusting. Although corrosion is more significant than termite and metal corrosion, it is still likely to cause damage.One of the things that homeowners can do to prevent studs and joists from rusting is to use corrosion-resistant steel. However, please note that this opposition requires investment and routine maintenance.If corrosion-resistant metals cannot help you meet your budget, ensuring a clean and dry environment will help.

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