Analysis and research of steel structure measurement

Guanzi: Steel frame structure; accuracy analysis; calculation method; 5: target 1 lead G with the development of urban construction, more and more buildings of steel frame structures, in the detection and acceptance process of steel structure engineering projects Middle measurement is a strong and important task.

The test of the FL accuracy directly affects the quality of the engineering quality FI. It is an important indicator of the quality of the construction of the FL steel structure.

The stadium stands of the Economic Development Zone Economic Development Zone in Changchun are steel frame structures. The length and twisting angle of the trustee and the tension are used to detect the accuracy and stability of the installation of the engineering.

2 precision analysis of the national third -class wire accuracy analysis: Note: \”The number of angles, MP is the angle measurement angle measurement angle measurement angle measurement angle measurement angle measurement Error, M is the error in the ranging.

When the wire is in line with direct extension, when the calculation is 8, when the edge is long, the national third -class wire can meet our requirements.

123] The accuracy analysis of the three -dimensional fixed point of the whole station instrument The whole station instrument measures the three -dimensional coordinate calculation formula of a point P at a point P: The accuracy of the detection point is analyzed. We use the TPCON601 full station. The nominal accuracy is mq \u003d l \”, M5 \u003d 2+ 2 wonderful W, so according to the law of dissemination of errors, the \u003d %representative can be obtained: 2.21mm to meet the design requirements.

3 schemes The layout and implementation of the plane control adopt the national third -class wire. Two Q (south side) and 2 (north side) in the football field are known. It is used to observe each point on the main truss, and the other ring is used outside the stadium to measure the points and the tension points on the ground anchor on the side truss. During the measurement process, some directions were connected to form a wire network, and then the overall tight flat difference was adopted.

\u003d 1/85219, reaching the national third -class wire accuracy.

High -program control Adopt second -level level test FI, use the point (point, the range value of the line is: LM) on the south side of the football field as the known starting point to form the same network as the plane control, and then perform a strict level mesh. [123 123. ]

The results are shown in Table 1. Table 1 Closing difference Statistics Table number 1 Geometric conditions: Closing level High difference The closure and closing difference \u003d 1.5 serial number 2 Geometry conditions: Closing level Fal The closure difference \u003d -1.8 serial number 3 Geometry conditions: closed level level: closed level level High difference closure difference \u003d -0.2 High-range network checks in the unit rights in the unit right \u003d 0.05 (mm), reaching the national second-level requirements.

The vertices on each tower column 3 or 3 ‘are two units. The whole station instrument is measured at the same time (3 times of the angle, 4 times from the distance), and then obtain the average value; the 1 or 1 ‘point at the bottom of the tower column is obtained through the point of the split axis and then the average method. [123 123. ]

( , 5 (5 ‘), 6 (6’) Each point is not directly measured, so the point at the upper end is measured, and the radius of the high range of high margins is reduced to get the measured point coordinates.

( 6 ‘), 7 (7’), 8 (8 ‘) Because the prism cannot be placed, the point of the meeting method is used to measure the above points. The designed radius of the lower point of Laoso will be obtained. BP: The measurement of the device is worth the average, that is:: the lower point of the lava can be obtained through the center of the patch the axis, and then the average is worth it. Formula S (one below X) 2 Seeking Laoso long.

Table 2 Test results point number instrument 1 testing instrument 2 test the mean value of the southwest tower of the west truss is located at 3 points to be tested. The actual point of the western truss in the southwest pillar of the west truss is located at 18.6cm above the southwest tower to the northwest tower to be measured. Point west truss’s southwest tower pillar point West truss northwest tower pillar IF point of the direction and angle of each axis of each axis, the specific calculation is as follows: Because the space coordinates of the point of each end of each axis, you can calculate the verticality of the pillar axis of the tower column \u003d the verticality of the pillar column axis \u003d ., (Y3 -Y,) 2. The angle of the orientation of the east and west direction \u003d, 7 (x3 -H,) 2 Tower pillar out of the pillar 6 (or 7) and the analysis of the vertical angle of the main truss \u003d 4 measured the FL results during the calculation process. Because there are extra data, we have used several methods for calculation. Table 2 is a test result of some points of various methods.

It can be seen through the above data that the two full stations can be measured by high altitude measurement. Test the FL speed, and its accuracy can also meet the requirements. These data also indicate that the method of meeting the whole station instrument can also be adopted for the high point that the comparative personnel cannot reach, and it also shows that the reliability of this method is used. 123] 5 The end of the end is difficult to measure the FL of the steel frame structure engineering, and the accuracy of the requirements is high. Therefore, the accuracy must be performed according to the accuracy requirements in the process of measurement M. At the same time, the implementation plan is determined according to the analysis. Level.

Steel frame structure measurement is an important task for testing structural FL to determine the safety of engineering safety. The accuracy is high and the test results are reliable. Use a variety of methods as much as possible to use it to detect each other, so that comprehensive analysis and evaluation can be performed to improve the reliability of the measurement results … Wen 1 Li Yueyue.

Engineering test FI learning.

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