What is the anti -seismic performance of the steel structure plant?

No matter what building it is, there is a very important consideration in the construction division, that is, whether the building is safe, and when facing natural disasters, can it give people a certain protection? effect.

Let’s talk about the seismic resistance of the steel structure plant today.

1. The advantages of the seismic performance of steel structure buildings are first reflected in the material

A crisp material with poor seismic performance. The steel structure workshop is light H-shaped steel, cold-curved thin-walled steel,

Which-IS-Better-I-BEAM-O-U-Beam-Steel-Weight Core plates and other materials structure. The seismic advantage of the grassroots of the steel structure plant is guaranteed from the basic source. In addition, the structural model of the steel structure building is also the simplest and most industrialized steel structure plant in the world.

2. From the perspective of the construction method of the steel structure plant, it is also conducive to shockproof

The skeleton of the steel structure workshop uses cold curved steel Triangular truss structure. The main wall adopts a cold -curved steel shear wall structure. After laying the directional structure board and gypsum board, these components form a very strong and strong plate. In the case of a strong earthquake, it will only deform, but it will not collapse or damage. This will help personnel escape and the damage to personnel is relatively small. At the same time, it also reduces the work intensity of rescuers and improves rescue efficiency.

It should be noted that after the steel structure plant is completed, the transformation of the transformation without the consent of the manufacturer must not be carried out at will. For example, if you change the size of the door and window size on the steel structure, or the expansion of the door transmission, the local cracks of the steel structure will affect the overall seismic resistance and the overall service life of the factory. Because once the overall earthquake design of the original steel structure plant is damaged, it will have a large or small impact on the factory, and there will be certain risks when an earthquake occurs


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