What are the problems of the steel structure plant component when welding

What are the problems with the steel structure plant component when welding? With the development trend of socioeconomic and economy, steel structure projects have obtained more and more common use. As everyone knows, the quality problems and safety stories and safety hazards caused by the steel frame structure welding are also concerned about everyone. Below is Yongyi’s steel frame The-ANTI-FIRE-Design-OF-The-STRUCTURE Structural Fusion of the construction practice activities of the new project of the new project of the steel frame structure of the industrial plant, summary and discussion how to carry out steel Welding manipulation of structural installation.

1. Welding deformation:

Welding deformation contains vertical, horns, bending and deformation, and distorted angle deformation. Not only can it change the appearance of the steel frame structure, geometric graphics specifications, reduce the quality of the assembly, and sometimes reduce the bearing capacity of the structure, so that the quality of the prefabricated component can not reach the design scheme and application regulations. In addition, in order to correct this deformation, it usually takes a lot of comprehensive working hours. Correcting complicated deformation, the amount of correction labor is sometimes much higher than the welding amount. If it is relatively severe residual deformation, it cannot exceed the application regulations after correction, or it can only be scrapped when there is no way to correct it.

2. Residual stress and residue deformation:

During the whole process of installation of steel structure, due to the unevenness of the welding temperature and the correction of welding deformation, the prefabricated components cause residual stress; The incomplete proportion of the welding temperature and the binding effect of the architecture on the prefabricated components also cause it to cause residual stress and residual deformation. For the multi -span steel architecture, the welding residual stress and residual deformation of the beam and column nodes will accumulate in the center line of the beam. In order to make up for the welded seams, the total width of the welding is needed, so it causes greater welding residual stress and residual deformation. This cumulative is performed, causing the architecture to eventually cause a large residual stress and residual deformation. The existence of welding residual stress, although it is not easy to harm the plastic deformation limit of the structure, it will reduce the bending stiffness of the prefabricated component, and endanger its ductility limit bearing capacity; promote.

Third, breakfast:

The breakthrough is endless at the construction site of the steel structure engineering. Its characteristics are suddenly generated, and its fracture is neat laser cutting surface. This type of rupture has devastating and risk factors. Usually, the construction team is generated without reflecting the safety accident. In the final analysis, the welding current is generally expanded or the welding rate is reduced, which will expand the kinetic energy of the welding line, causing the crystal of the heat -hazard areas to become thicker (that is, transforming into a thick golden phase tissue and iron, and then the extension of the region will extend the area of \u200b\u200bthe area A significant reduction in sexual breakdown.

4. Disadvantages of other welding quality:

Such as welding errors, welding scars, welding tumors, air pores, unpattered and other product quality products quality Question.


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