Steel structure plant_Steel structure plant design characteristics

Steel structure plant_Te steel structure plant design characteristics-Yongyi steel structure? Steel structure factories are commonly used around the world, especially in developed countries. Steel structure plants are usually suitable for warehousing houses, industrial plants, convention hall exhibition halls, purification workshops, and the main characteristics of the supermarkets. With large space and span, and the building quality is very high.

The design generally chooses the most advanced method to fully meet the requirements of steel countermeasures, deformation ability, seismic resistance, and rigidity.

Steel structure plant_Steel structure plant design characteristics-Yongyi Steel

3. Steel structure buildings can be repeatedly used and moved to relocate very conveniently to avoid the waste and environmental environment of a large amount of steel.

Fourth, the unique and light steel structure and the actual occupation area of \u200b\u200bthe small application area widely increased the space in the building.

Steel structure plant_Steel structure plant design characteristics-Yongyi Steel

5. S excellent installation of component standard standards for convenient installation and quickly and effective shortening the construction period to reduce investment costs.

6. It has high fireproofness and strong anti -corrosionability after taking reliable fire prevention and corrosion measures.

Steel structure plant_Steel structure plant design characteristics-Yongyi Steel

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