Steel structure metal roof plant leakage cause and waterproof maintenance construction plan

The reasons for leakage and waterproof maintenance engineering construction plan of the steel structure of the steel structure;

1. Overview of the light steel structure construction system 123]

Light steel building system Due to its short construction period, high pre -production, flexible construction and design style, and the entire construction process, which is conducive to environmental protection construction, it is widely used in various industrial and commercial factories. In architecture. It is estimated to reach 150 million square meters in 2006. Its architectural structure has gradually penetrated into various fields, warehouses, supermarkets, hotels, and stadiums, and the regional development of light steel structures is from points and lines. In developed areas and central regions to the west; from large cities and middle cities to towns and towns, they have blossomed, and their development momentum is very rapid. At the same time, compared with developed countries abroad, European and American Japanese steel structures accounted for 40 % of the total housing building, while my country accounted for only 0.5 %. It can be seen that my country’s construction steel structure is still in a rapid starting stage, especially in the low -level residential low -level light level light. Steel buildings are still in a sprouting state today, and the future development space is very broad.

2. Steel structure skeleton house structure may leak water and water seepage

Steel The structure is generally used as an internal skeleton. It has a maintenance structure outside. The general maintenance material of the light steel structure is light plate; a single -layer metal plate, double -layer board, composite board, etc. Regardless of the metal roof, wall surface, sky ditch, there may be the following places where water leakage and water seepage are as follows:

1. The seams (walls, roofs) between boards and plates, due to poor quality of the board, or under construction during construction The bite of the board and the plate is not good; some are unreasonable on the side of the board; some have structural glue, but may not be dense and there are gaps; The roof on the roof, the slope of the roof is small, the local wind and rain are large, the roof ridge cover is not wide enough, the water stripboard is not installed well, and some are not even installed with waterproof block; The seams are not well gel, these may cause the roof leakage and seepage;

3. The inner ditch in the roof is not deep enough and not wide enough. When encountering heavy wind and rain, the drainage speed and amount are too small. Water overflows to the interior of the building; some Tianlou drainage ditch is even blocked and cannot drain water;

4. There are other structures on the roof, such as ventilator, ventilation building, lighting belt, daughter wall Support, etc., if the contact site of them and the roof panel is not well processed, it will also cause leakage and water seepage;
5. Although there are not many light steel roofing nails today, if there are nails, if there are nails, The position is not right. From the time of the new hit, it will leak water without blocking the original nail hole.

3. The phenomenon of water leakage in the roof of light steel structured metal plates

] After market research, most of my country’s steel structured steel plate roofing water leakage phenomenon is more serious. This phenomenon in the southern area is more prominent. The plate is overlap, the roof lighting band, the cornice steel plate and the cement wall connection and other parts.

4. Analysis of the cause of water leakage of metal plate roof

1. The hidden dangers of water leakage caused by material characteristics: (1), Gold
The heating coefficient of its own plate is large. When the external temperature changes greatly, due Large displacement, therefore, it is very easy to cause hidden dangers of water leakage at the metal plate interface.

(2) In the steel structure system, because the structure itself is prone to elastic deformation under the effect of temperature change, wind lamp, snow load and other external forces, some roof panel shear is not released, and it is desperately fixed by nails. In this way, it is easy to cause fatigue when the external load is used, and it will cause displacement at the connection part to cause hidden dangers of water leakage.

(3), special parts, due to different materials connecting, such as the connection between the daughter wall and the steel plate, the roof lighting belt, etc. Due to the poor stress changes, there is a hidden danger of water leakage.

2. The hidden danger of water leakage caused by the design of the housing structure or plate -type defects:
(1), in the fierce market competition, the construction party is to undertake the task, The taste reduces the price. In order to save raw materials, during structural design, the slope of the house is reduced, and there are even less than 1/20, which is very easy to produce water, causing house leakage.
(2) Due to cost factors, most of the pressure -type wins used in light steel houses are mostly panel types with lower high wave high (large effective area), and the width is less width. When the house accumulates water, it is easy to be easy Drive -type overlapping parts to produce water leakage.
3. Regional characteristics have not been fully considered in structural design and caused waterproof defects:
At present in my country’s light steel structure design Different waterproof measures, such as waterproof measures in the rainy environment in the south, waterproof measures in the coastal areas in the coastal areas, and waterproof measures when the northeast snow is melted. It has its own structural characteristics, and waterproof materials suitable for the region are selected.
4. Due to the bidding factors, many units are the bottom bids, and the profits are reduced. It also puts for the installation team for installation, and the salary of technical workers is increasing. Workers’ installation causes a lot of low -level errors.

5. The current waterproof material and characteristics of steel structure manufacturers in metal board roof engineering

, Sealing tape or butyl rubber sealing bonding band. This material has a short life span and easy to get aging. The use cycle is about 1 year, and it is easy to aging.
2. At present, most domestic enterprises are commonly known as silicone gel. The material is low after solidification. Poor (viscosity), easy aging, many hidden dangers in the construction process, the waterproof quality is unreliable, and it is easy to leak water.

3. A small number of steel structure installation enterprises use butyl rubber sealing bonding bands. The short -term effect is better, but some butyl tapes are too thin and do not achieve the predetermined waterproof effect.

4. Acrylic waterproof coating: (such as CBDB metal roof waterproof system) This material has good adhesion, especially anti -aging, UV resistance, and easy to control quality.


1、合理的进行结构设计,应综合考虑造价、屋面坡度、 A variety of factors such as board types find the best solution.
2. Fully consider the regional climate characteristics where the building is located, and use waterproof measures and materials suitable for the area.

3. Due to the material characteristics of the metal roof panel, the waterproof material suitable for metal color steel plate roof should be used at the same time.

4. CBDB of acrylic waterproof coatings for steel structure roof waterproof: durable, reduced maintenance costs, and good waterproof performance. Anti -acid rain and other chemical pollution can prevent damage to the roof and walls. Good adhesion is excellent architectural decorative materials. Comply with V.O.C (volatile organic matter) odor exits regulations and can be continuously constructed. Non -toxic ingredients, safe use of environmental protection materials. Long warranty period, saving cost; Report/feedback

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