Steel structure appearance rust removal method

A lot of steel is generally used at the time of progress, and the function of the steel itself and the special treatment generally do not show rust, but when it is used In some special circumstances, such as: acid rain corrosion, external force tolls, pollutants accumulation, etc., which leads to rusting the appearance of the structure, which will affect normal use. Therefore Woolen cloth? Let us take a look together.

1. Craftsmanship

Craft processing mainly uses shovel, steel wire brush, sand cloth, broken steel sawing trips, etc., rely on craftsmanship, shovel, scrape, brush, sand method to eliminate removal Rust, this is a traditional rust removal method for lacquer workers, and it is also a relatively simple method. There are no environmental and construction conditions restrictions. However, because the efficiency and effect are too poor, it can only apply small -scale rust removal treatment.

2. Mechanical rust removal method

The mechanical rust removal method mainly uses some electric and wind -winding to reach the intention of removing the rust. Common electric things such as electric brushes, electric sand wheels; wind moves like wind brushes. The electric brush and wind brush are rolled using a special circular steel wire brush. It is cleaned by impact and friction to remove the rust or oxidative skin. It is particularly rusty and has a good effect, but it is difficult to remove the deeper rust spots. Electric sand wheel practice is a portable shot, which can be moved at will in the hands. The high -speed rotation of the sand wheel can be used to remove the rust. It has a good effect. It is particularly deep in rust spots. Main ideal rust removal. However, pay attention to the operation of the operation, do not penetrate the steel structure of the steel structure.

3. Chemical treatment method

The practice of chemical treatment method is a pickled rust removal method. The chemical response of acidic solutions and metal oxides is used to generate salt and out of the metal appearance. Common acid solutions are: sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and phosphate. Apply the acid solution to the metal rust site during the operation and remove the chemical response with the rust. After the rust is removed, it is rinsed with water, neutralized with a weak alkali solution, and then rinsed with water to dry and dry it to prevent rust quickly.

4. Flame treatment method

The flame treatment method is a deeper steel structure rust that is difficult to remove with a small amount of craftsmanship. Chemical ingredients reach rust removal intentions. Using this method, you must pay attention not to make the metal appearance and avoid heating and deformation from large -scale appearance.

The above is the method of removing rust removing the appearance of the steel structure. In fact, before the construction, the staff should have anti -corrosion treatment of their materials. Of course, if some reasons, the appearance of the structure is rust. It can be processed through the above methods. Of course, the use process and role of different methods are different. 2 and practice to choose a method that suits you to remove rust removal. If there is not a particularly large safety hazard, you do not need to deal with it. After a period of time, organize the service life of the structure to effectively improve the structure of the structure and strengthen the firmness.

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