One kind of steel structure component processing plan

1. Construction order

Material quality inspection → sample → number → cutting → straight straight straight → edge processing → holes → semi -finished product stacking → assembly → welding → correction → shovel → painting → painting packaging → exiting factory

2. Processing construction preparation plan

1. Construction technology preparation:

(1) Organize relevant engineering and technical personnel before construction to review the drawings carefully, understand the design intent, do a good job of designing the drawing of drawings and the technical configuration. Related issues in drawings; (2) Preparation of construction organization design (

Product-Characteristics-ADVANTAGES-OF-FLAT-PACKAGING-ROOM ), and the design content, construction plan and construction of the project Technical requirements, etc., explain to the construction staff clearly, implement the construction plan, and formulate necessary measures to formulate a technical responsibility system;

(3) Actively organize relevant engineering and technical personnel to deepen the drawing and communicate with the design unit. Ensure that deepening drawings are convenient for component processing and on -site installation under the premise of meeting the requirements of the design specifications;

(4) Do a good job of reviewing the on -site axis and elevation, and complete the positioning of the project;

[ 123] (5) During the production of steel components, pay attention to the collection and finishing of various materials. During the installation of the steel component, the existing unqualified products are repaired in time.

2. On -site preparation:

(1) Carefully investigate the construction site, negotiate with the construction unit to ensure the requirements of the on -site road to meet the requirements of large cranes and cranes;

(2) Contact with the construction unit to measure the transfer of the control network and handle the transfer procedures;

(3) According to the basic measurement control network of the transfer of the construction unit, the axis, elevation and verticality are re -measured.

3. Material preparations actively purchase raw materials in accordance with the requirements of the construction drawings reviewed by the construction unit. The supply of all raw materials must meet the requirements of quality standards. All the purchased raw materials must be obtained from the material qualification document.

During the procurement process, if some material markets fail to purchase, they should actively contact the construction unit and follow the principles of intensity such as the construction unit recognized;


123] 4. Preparation for labor organization

(1) Establish an organization based on project managers, establish and improve the principles of various management rules and regulations, adhere to the principle of combining reasonable division of labor and close cooperation, put construction experience, construction experience, and construction experience. Candidates with high work efficiency enter the leadership organization;

(2) Establish a hard -working construction team to consider the reasonable cooperation of professional work. In accordance with the planning date and labor demand plan, organize labor to enter the field, and at the same time, education, fire prevention and civilized construction must be carried out; The construction personnel who should deal with each process will conduct necessary job training, and conduct technical, quality, and safety bases to prevent safety and quality accidents;

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