Nanning Steel Structure Processing Plant: Comparison of Steel Structural Factory Three -type commonly used roof panels

Bangsheng, Nanning Steel Structure Processing Factory, tells the comparison of the three types of common roof panels of steel structure plant

There are many types of metal plates, including galvanized plates, aluminum -plated zinc, aluminum alloy plates, aluminum -magnesium alloy plates, titanium alloy plates, copper plates, stainless steel plates, etc. The surface of the plate can be used for paint.

The metal roof panel belongs to the light roof panel. It is usually paved with a layer of soft materials on the board, and then riveted between the board and the plate. It is easy to install. However, the disadvantage of metal roof panels is the problem of anti -rust resistance and condensation and frost frozen phenomenon. Later use maintenance is cumbersome, and the cost is relatively high.

2. Voltage steel plate

Color steel plates as a type of steel plate. However, due to the flammableness of its core material, it has been gradually abandoned by the public; now it has developed a new type of color steel sandwiches, but the price is relatively high, and it is not completely flame retardant. The cotton core material cannot be integrated with the double -sided color steel plate, becoming the industry’s difficulty in the industry of color steel clip cores. In general, the color steel clip core board is a lightweight roof panel. It is not important. Non -long -term factory buildings can be used. Due to the environmental impact, the color steel clip core material has only 20 years of life, which does not meet the overall steel structure plant material. The same life principle.

3. Steel skeleton light roof panel

Steel skeleton light roof panel is a new type of environmentally friendly building materials, which is mainly galvanized steel frame, mainly galvanized steel frame, Cement perlite inorganic moving materials, cold pull-up steel wire mesh, etc., with light insulation, high-strength load, earthquake resistance Design-OF-STRUCTURTURE-POULTRY-House Discarding, Class A fireproof and other advantages , Steel skeleton light roof panel contains A -class fireproof core material, which is currently replacing the color steel plate.


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