Features of steel structure


1. The steel structure is self -heavy and the carrier capacity is high: attributable to light quality high -strength data

: Divide the steel into a small piece of small pieces and each small piece will have roughly the same mechanical function, and the function in all directions is roughly the foundation of solid mechanics

The steel has a good plastic deformation ability under the effect of Lihe load

4. Steel has an outstanding welding function: so -called welding function \”good\” means that the steel can maintain the welding part without cracking in the welding process and after welding. The nature of integrity

5. The steel structure has the characteristics of non -leakage: whether welding, riveting or bolt connecting the steel structure can be closed without leakage

6. Factory Overcoming and assembly of construction: The light components are lighter Construction facilitated on the spot and the small construction cycle on the spot is also convenient for demolition and reinforcement. The rust section is constantly weakening and the structure is damaged. Therefore, the steel structure needs to be maintained on a regular basis

8. The steel structure is good, but the fire prevention function is poor. After more than 150 ° C, the strength and plasticity changes are large when the strength is reduced to 600 ° C to zero -lost bearing capacity. Half -refractory grade that is advanced with steel structure is often used to wrap the structure of concrete or bricks. The fire resistance limit of steel components is 1.5h

The reasonable application scale of the steel structure

1. Heavy industrial plant: the span and column distance are relatively large or have heavy working cranes or large tonnage cranes Or the factory building with 2 to 3 floors and some high -temperature workshops should be selected from steel crane beam steel roofs and steel columns or even steel structures

2. Large span structure: The larger the span of the structure, the reduction of the structure self -weight There are obvious economic effects

3. Towering structures and high -rise buildings: The towering structure includes high -voltage electrical wire circuit tower transformation architecture broadcast and TV launch tower and masts. Lightly easy to install construction, due to the small -quality high -strength component section of the steel, which reduces the wind load, and then achieves greater economic benefits

4. The structure of the power load effect: due to the good function of the steel It can be used as a crane beam with a large weight or large -span bridge crane

5. Disassembly and mobile structure: Activity exhibition hall and activity houses to select steel structure steel structure weight It is easy to use bolts to connect to the demolition and easy to assemble and disassemble the construction machinery In order to reduce the structure of the structure, it is necessary to choose a steel structure [ 123]

6. Container and pipelines: Due to the high strength of steel and good closedability, high-pressure trachea and pipeline gas tanks and boilers are used in steel

How-to-Make-Steel-Structures-FireProF-2 [ 123] Made in

7. Select a light steel structure composed of one -angle steel or thin -walled steel and the door -type steel frame structure with self -weight and small construction and other long -term strengths. In recent years, it has been widely used 8. Other buildings: The various pipeline brackets and blast furnaces and boiler structures are generally selected

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